Chapter 9 | Page 15

Loki is so tired of these teens.

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  1. I love you Hedda, I love you Ibrahim, I love this entire comic.


    Seriously, that picture is gonna be so misused to make SO many memes in the future. You know it. XD

    • Haha! Well she told him!

  3. But can you count to ten, Hedda?

    • Ah, can you?

      That is indeed the question.

    • Good catch. :3

  4. “Enough. I can count to ten.”

    “Okay, then, Coal, you’re just a bunch of heathens who can’t count to ten.”

    “I’m not a bunch of people.”

    “Eh. 66% is enough.”

    Seriously, though. I loved this page. There’s just something about the way this conversation is done that makes it absolutely perfect.

    • Haha, thank you!

    • “With the strength of at least 10 men, Coal, I’ll count you as a bunch of heathens.”

  5. Wait, is Ibrahim Christian too?

    • Nope. Muslim.

    • No, I think he’s Muslim. But they both believe in God, so.

    • RedLeaf got it, Islam and Christianity and Judaism all share the same singular deity and I think they might have a few prophets in common.

      • All three recognize Jesus as, at the very least, a prophet. And technically Allah and Jehovah are the same deity just by different names.

    • As others have said, he is Muslim. But he knows their deal and thinks they’re cool. Heathens not so much.

  6. Loki is Not Amused.
    Ibrahim you just made Hedda mad. Do you realize how difficult that is. Seriously.

    • Very hard! She’s patient about so much, but not being called a heathen.

  7. Loki looks as though he’s ready to count to ten using Ibrahim’s broken fingers.

    • Hahahah! He’s thinking about it.

  8. Yes, Hedda is also of the People of the Book, so Ibrahim’s face is hilarious.

    And what Loki does to the gods isn’t what you’d call worship

    • Definitely not worship.

  9. I love Hedda’s superoffended face. She is TOTALLY not a heathen!!

    And Ibrahim’s like oh sorry, my bad fellow-believer-person.

    • Haha! Yeah she’s got enough pride for that, at least.

  10. This seems to be the very first time Hedda becomes offensed and angry. I can buy Ibrahim’s reasoning, but he should call “heathem” to a god. Loki’s face is princiless. XD

    • No kidding. She didn’t even get offended when people drugged her, tried to murder her, and chased her to the edge of a cliff. I guess her berserk button is a bit specific.

    • Hedda just wants to make sure he knows what’s what!

  11. You don’t stick your finger in the God Of Mischief’s face.
    You just … don’t.

    This is what they call a “teachable moment.” Hopefully relatively painless – or at least survivable.

    • Sticking a finger in anyone’s face is usually a bad idea. Also rude.

  12. I’m suddenly shipping Hedda/Ibrahim right now.

    • What do you mean “suddenly”?

      • OOOOH, so we can ship it?!

        • Sounds like it’s already set sail.

  13. Also: Loki telling ANYONE to trust him is just hysterical.

  14. Is Loki going to show his God powers soon and blow the mono-deity believers minds? Because that would be funny.

    • He could, but that would just make things worse. Probably.

      • Seems like making thing’s worse is kinda Loki’s jam.

  15. I can’t get past Loki’s “I’m so done” face.

    • He is so done. He’s starting to even miss Thor.

  16. The fact that Ibrahim is complaining about heathens to a heathen god* amuses me more than it perhaps should *g*

    (*well, and/or j├Âtunn, but that’s not the point ;) )

    • Hahaha! Yeah if Ibrahim knew who he was talking to…well he’d still be mad.

      • Well, he’d probably recognize him as a perfect example of a Jinn.

        • Or an Iftrit, if this is the version of Loki that likes to set things on fire.
          (although I don’t think it is)

  17. Oh boy, if Ibrahim and Hedda are upset about that heathen stuff now, just wait until they find out Loki is a god!

    • Haha! That would be something to see!

  18. Oh, Ibrahim… if only you knew what Loki really was… Note to self: Bring popcorn for when Loki reveals his Aesir status.

    • It amuses me so many people are eager for this revelation. Don’t know why.

      • Probably so we can see more Hedda face- on Ibrahim as well.

      • Dunno if “eager” is the right word for me…

        But it should be interesting. As Ameban pointed out, Hedda’s pretty chill about a lot of nasty stuff done to her…but her faith is not one of them. So it’s pretty important to her. Wonder how she’s going to react when she finds out she’s dealing with a live deity and someone who has died and returned from an afterlife that is not her own…

  19. It’s kind of funny to me that here Ibrahim is calling them a bunch of heathens when one of their heathen gods, Loki, is standing right there.

    • Good thing he doesn’t know who he’s talking to.

  20. I love this page so much. I want to frame it and stick it on my wall, I love it that much, ya dig? Great work, Sarah. <3

    • Haha! Omg thank you so much!