Chapter 9 | Page 16

It’s a diary.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will see you next week cuz I haven’t drawn the next page’s thumbnail hahahaha I’m so behind.

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  1. Love Loki’s face on panel 4 :P

  2. Is it just me, or is anyone else reading a little “whoops, got caught using supernatural abilities again, hmmrm, whattodo” in Loki’s face there?

    • Pretty much, yes.

    • He’s like, ‘crap, now I gotta think of some perfectly legitimate reason for knowing something’. It’s hilarious.

    • Haha! It’s not even so much supernatural as knowing stuff.

  3. Never change, Loki. :I

    • Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

  4. Loki Panel 4: thinkthinkthink…

  5. Panel 4 is my favorite panel… probably for this whole comic! Unless there’s another interesting panel somewhere I forgot about xD

  6. I think they’re going to have to be extra careful around Ibrahim! I get the feeling he’s braver than he knows and just as intelligent. I don’t think he’ll take simple answers too well!

    • Ibrahim might be too smart for his own good! Gotta be careful.

      • Exactly. For example, Hedda might not have been curious/figured out why there was a hole through all of Coal’s clothing, but Ibrahim almost certainly would.

  7. Why does Loki care if he gets caught knowing odd things?

    • He’s got to keep his facade, probably

    • It’s the principle of the matter..! Not getting caught when you totally should and all that, some sort of trickster creed I think XD

    • It’s more the inevitable “How did you know that?” questions he wants to avoid.

  8. I’m thinking this is the chapter where we get a treasure trove of funny faces- first Hedda’s “WHAT?!” face, now Loki’s “Oops!” face.

  9. I forgot what I was going to say because I got caught up thinking about how much Loki’s hair resembles fur. But wait! Is it really fur? Or just some massive creature perched on the back of his head? Probably just fur.

    • Loki’s kinda weird hair design came out of wanting to give his hair a color that gradated, but abrupt gradation tends to look bad in digital work (you have to have it be subtle or add some texture) so instead I just divided it into three “stages” which is what he has now.

      But, yeah, it’s not fur, it’s just regular hair.

  10. I have so many happy thoughts here. New reader, love the style and subject and many other things. Also… I’m so very glad that Coal’s name isn’t Link. I was scared for the first couple of pages.

    Reaction to Loki: The scholarly uniform didn’t give it away, did it? I mean, he’s clearly not a fishmonger or a charcoal maker or a used boat salesman. Way to identify one tree in a forest. <3

    • …Link? All right.

      Anyway! I’m glad you like the comic! Thank you for reading. :D