Chapter 9 | Page 18


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  1. Sweet Pony Jesus, Loki’s expression in that first panel is priceless.

    • Haha! That’s his “I do secretly know it’s Arabic but I have fun annoying people” face.

  2. Coal’s about to say something that’ll make me want to smack him, isn’t he?

    • Yes, that is probably the most likely thing to happen.

    • The answer is yes – but then again it’s Coal, so….

    • :3

  3. Well that answers my question. Now I have another one- does she have a Bible hidden somewhere? Or does she just wanna know?

    • She just wants to know! Knowledge is power!

  4. I wonder if Coal suddenly decides Ibrahim would be a valuable member of the party… or whether he’s just found some other way to tease the crap out of him. D:|

    • Coal’s just a butthead. :3

  5. Somebody’s jeaaaaalouuuuuus!


  6. Hehe, I’ve a feeling that Hedda will actually want to *write* rather than just read…

    • Maybe! One usually follows the other. XD

  7. Permission to push Coal overboard?

    • You can but it will only result in a mad, wet einherji.

      • Meh, worth it. *pushes* Man overboard!

  8. so, uh, what language are they actually speaking?

    • “Norse”. :3 Ibrahim is basically speaking their language.

  9. I was wondering when Coal was going to pipe up in this conversation! Everyone in the last panel is like “Coal, we didn’t even know you were listening in on this.” I love all their expressions in the top panel! Great page again!

  10. And once again, the young, undead warrior tactfully joins the conversation.

  11. Holy Mother of Sleipnir! Loki’s face in that first panel! I’m dying

  12. I’m just really hoping for a community reference. But seriously, this comic is getting better all the time. I’m enjoying the them(e?)ing.

    • Haha, sorry, I don’t watch Community. But I’m glad you enjoy the comic! :D