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But what?

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  1. Why am I picturing Hedda going to smack him? He… does kinda deserve it.

    • Yep! I totally called it last week.

      Of course, calling that Coal’s going to need smacking is kind of like calling that today the sun is going to rise in the east.

      • In other news, Water is wet, Fire burns, and Nifflehiem is cold.

    • He does! But she won’t.

  2. Oh I should have known, he’s just being a jerkface. :[ But anyway, what but Ibrahim?? Spit it out!! Now I have to wait another week to work out what’s wrong with HIM this time. XD You have an interesting but effective way of keeping your readers tuned in, Sarah.

    • What’s wrong with him is Ibrahim’s just trapped himself by running his mouth. Again.

      If Coal was clever (ha!) and kept Ibrahim talking, Coal could end up with some kind of agreement for Ibrahim’s birthright.

      • What birthright? He’s, what, the seventeenth son of the Caliph? He’s getting jack diddly squat, and Jack went and converted to Buddhism.

    • Mwahahahahaha. :3

  3. For some reason I thought Hedda-Ibrahim would be a lot more antagonistic… do they respect each other because they’re both “People of the Book”? Or just because they’re both very nice people (especially Hedda who makes me feel like trash)?

    • That is part of it, actually! Better a Christian than a couple of heathens. But she also saved his life, so she can’t be all bad. They also just met. XD

      • Just so you know, I THOROUGHLY look forward to their inevitable theological debates. :)

  4. I’m guessing Coal is gonna get punched by Hedda

    • Hahaha, that would be a sight.

  5. I’m gonna ring your helmet like a BELL! Ka-BONG!

  6. Wait… will Ibrahim stay so that he can teach Hedda to read?

    (If so, Coal is a jerkface but he sure knows how to play his cards.)

    • Ibrahim is stuck with them no matter what. :3

      • The writer has spoken!

  7. What’s that thing Coal is holding? was the handle of his sword always like that? 0.o

    Anyways, maybe Coal’s not being that much of a jerk -this time—, now Ibrahim’s off running his mouth again, and is gonna have to teach Latin to Hedda ]:3

    • It’s the ship’s rudder, actually! It should become more apparent on the next page. Thanks!

  8. Can’t wait for Ibrahim to meet Rollo!

    • Haha! That would be fun.

      • If that’s gonna be fun, then Ibrahim is going to have a party lasting for about a week when he finds out that Loki is a pagan god, Coal is actually dead but still walking, and that they are on a quest (directly or indirectly) to retrieve pieces of the Norse gods’ weapons (his knife included)!

        PARTY TIME!!!

        • That is something I am so looking forward to ;-)

  9. Hello plz!
    Just dropping in to say that I’m a long time follower of your comic, and have tweeted it out to my followers. Can’t wait until the next page! :3

    • Oh man, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the comic! :D

  10. Hedda’s sad face is so sad! Coal should feel ashamed of himself — but he’s going to have to realize she’s a person first (not just a thrall). I have a feeling that’s all part of Loki’s plan (though again, why Loki has a plan to make Coal a better person is beyond me!).

    • He should feel ashamed! But whether or not he does or can is something else altogether.

  11. I’m not overly certain, but I don’t think that women in Islam were permitted to read back then. I could be completely wrong there, but if I’m right Ibrahim just realized that he was about to say that a woman should be allowed to learn to read if she wanted to.

    • He was going to say something to that effect, though he meant anyone should be able to learn. Women actually were able to get a good education if they had the means. It wasn’t so much a limitation of gender as money and family prestige. This was a limitation just about anywhere in the world, actually. But Muslim countries were probably the best educated in the world at that time, and I doubt women were excluded. The prophet Muhammad’s first wife was a businesswoman, and you can’t do that without learning stuff! Were educated women as common as educated men? Probably not. But they were definitely there.

  12. Coal… Can YOU read?

    • Only runes! Still more than Hedda can read though, haha.

  13. Shipping Hedda/Ibrahim so hard right now. IBRAHEDDA

  14. …okay, I give up! WHAT is Ibrahim stopping mid-sentence with big eyes, small pupils, and a red thing coming out of his head for?
    …oh well, guess I’ll have to wait for next week.

    • Or a couple of hours. ;D