Chapter 9 | Page 21

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  1. Agressive introductions! Pouty sitting!
    …Angry Ibrahim is adorable.

    • Well at least they were introduced? That’s…something???


      • @RedLeaf: “WHAT… Is your QUEST?”

  2. I loved this page, don’t ask me exacty why, just,, first panel, the situation, Bram’s resignation… *v*
    Just LOVE that last panel… Oh Ibrahim… LOL

    • oh and by the way, I just voted TMK per link, but I couldn’t see those Loki bonus pages.. do I need to register to do it?

      • THAT is because TWC is based in California or somewhere and their midnight varies greatly to others. You might have to wait a few hours before it resets! It’s lame that way.

        • Yeeeii now I can read it!!
          Yeeeiiii young Loki!!!
          So young yet already going down that path… “making a friend”, I suure they’ll get along just fine… lol

    • Hahaha! Ibrahim is stuck, and he knows it, but he’s gonna whine forever!

  3. *points at Loki* Liar! That’s not his real name OR his relation to Coal.

    Err… probably not his relation to Coal. I mean, we don’t know for sure what Coal’s family tree looks like. Look, it’s… it’s unlikely, but… maybe? No. No that would just be silly. There’s no way he’s actually Coal’s uncle.

    …right? <_<

    • Loki is definitely a liar! He’s the best liar.

  4. SIT!!!!!

  5. I am so anti-shipping Ibrahim and Hedda, btw. Just putting that out there from now.

    Also, Ibrahim pouts adorably.

    Also, “Grimm?” So… is he Jacob or Wilhelm? :D

    • Anti-shipping? Never heard that before, but whatever! Also yes, Grimm, though I probably should have gone with Grimr in retrospect. Oh well!

      • I think he means he doesn’t want Ibrahim and Hedda to get together. ;-)

  6. Aww, poor, resigned Ibrahim. At least he still gets to see the world outside of his father’s house. (Again, forced into it…) And I love that last panel. Maybe he’s hoping if he cooperates he won’t get thrown into the water again? And I wonder if his uncle knows he’s not drowning/dead and safely on a boat? Great page once again! :)

    • Thank you! Sadly Uzair doesn’t know what happened to his nephew, though perhaps he’ll ask around and someone will tell him a story about how a boy landed in the harbor and was hauled onto some ship. We’ll never know.

  7. When everything else fails, just pout and sit in the corner cuz you can’t do anything else. Yeah.

  8. Might as well get comfy Ibri. Because you’re in for a LONG trip.

    • That is very much for sure!