Chapter 9 | Page 24

Ibrahim repays his debts. I guess.

Page isn’t quite done! I spent a good chunk of the weekend writing Chapter 10, so it’s done! But it’s not thumbnailed, haha. At least this is the last page of the chapter, yay! But next week there will not be a page because this weekend is a holiday weekend and I’ll be away from comic-making equipment.

Thanks for reading!! <3333

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  1. Well at least Ibrahim’s found someone friendly. I wonder what ails Coal, though. (Actually I can think of a lot of things)

    • Hahaha, Coal just…ails in general.

  2. Hedda is just SO CUTE.
    I wanna hug her. o.o;

    Someone should make a plushie of her.

    • Haha, yay! I’m glad you like her! :D

  3. I love Hedda’s expression! Can’t quite tell what’s going on in Loki’s head (which is to be expected) or Coal’s, but it’s a nice transition panel at the bottom for the end of the chapter. :)

    • Yeah, it’s hard to tell what anyone is really thinking. Hahaha.

  4. Ibrahim and Hedda sitting in a tree! B-E-I-N-G-F-R-I-E-N-D-S !

    • ORLY? *waggles eyebrows*

    • Yay friendship!

  5. Good for Ibrahim! Teaching Hedda Latin can give him a break from teasing and arguing. But poor Coal is getting a whole crew to tag along which I assume was not part of the plan he had in mind. Also, he might be kind of jealous? D’aawww!!

    • Possibly. But he may be thinking that whatever’s going on between those two—friendship, romance, or simply learning and growing—is not for him, being dead.

      That may be what Loki’s expression means, too.

    • Hahaha! Coal is definitely getting more annoying people around him than he expected.

  6. Is it me, or does Coal look mildly interested. Not a lot, but just a bit.

    • He looks annoyed to me, which probably means he is interested.

    • Incredibly, extremely, very mildly interested.

  7. An Ibrahim always pays his debts.

  8. Hey, just noticed the page is finished now. Looks lovely!

  9. Is it just me, or did the colours of the characters’ clothing and skin get gradually darker/cooler over the last couple of pages as the background got more overcast?

    • You are correct! It’s to show a passage of time, and that it’s getting into evening.

      • Your attention to detail is really impressive!

  10. it’s been a while since I was here. your art was too much for my dial-up. glad to see you are still at it, and your work is still as awesome as ever!