Chapter 10 | Camaraderie

Cover page! Aren’t they the best.

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  1. I do love this stylised art. And I love seeing all the characters drawn in it! :P They look almost like a group of friends… Coal being the broody, sulky one and Ibrahim being just sulky. It seems, surprisingly, Loki and Hedda are the only ones around with a moderate degree of sense.

    • Thank you! I like that you think Ibrahim is being sulky when all he’s doing is sitting on the ground holding a pen, hahahaha.

      • I know that I only write in my journal when I’m ticked off, excited or sulky. Or EXTREMELY bored. And being extremely bored usually means I’m ticked off. I’m not sure whether it’s even possible for Ibrahim to be excited, so…

        • I didn’t think anyone was brooding or sulking. It looks more like there are two lessons going on: Loki instructing Coal about maybe what’s to come or to act more responsibly, and Ibrahim teaching Hedda how to read and write (while Hedda prepares dinner. Someone’s gotta make it. Although on second glance, Hedda and Ibrahim’s actions are different enough. Perhaps they are doing their own thing, with Ibrahim sulking about his captivity, and Hedda just doing what she does best).

  2. Well, the title at least bodes well for things.

    • Haha, yes. Finally a chapter where things are looking up! Sorta.

  3. This may prove to be useful for the comic, or not. But I thought it was interesting.

    • HAHA omg cool! Thanks for the link! The vikings definitely had some interesting nicknames for each other.