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  1. Poor Ibri… he’ll get rid of the seasickness soon!

    • I hope so! He’ll be on a ship a lot.

  2. I like how coal’s eyes glow in the dark.

    • Thank you! They’re fun to do. :D

  3. That’s right, Coal; keeping showering the love down on your hostage/captive/over-sized knife-sheath.

    Also, Coal’s eyes are making me think of AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” Which is suitable, I guess, in a funny-thing-happened-to-me-after-my-funeral sort of way..

    • This is Coal’s best attempt at hospitality. No, really.

  4. I like how you haven’t shaded the whites of Coal’s eyes – simple, but effective.

    Poor Ibrahim, though.

    • Thanks! Yeah poor Ibrahim. :c

  5. Yet another person noting that Coal’s eyes seem to be glowing in the dark now, guys you might want to go to sleep soon to hide that!

    • He’ll have to be careful with that!

  6. We should have known Coal’s eyerolls would be audible.
    Pretty stars!!!

    • Those stars are indeed awesome.

    • They’re so strong they require a sound effect. Thanks!

  7. And Coal demonstrates his indifference once again. He sure knows how to make friends, doesn’t he?

  8. And…there’s the seasickness! Was wondering when it would kick in.
    I really like the artwork on this one, the stars especially! Great work!

    • Thank you! Poor Ibrahim. :C Hopefully he’ll get used to it soon.

  9. Teenage eyeroll. I guess Coal’s really acting the part of a nephew.

    Also, I love the detail with his eyes remaining undarkened. A nice little reminder that he’s, not normal.

    • Thank you! I have fun making his eyes stand out that way, hahaha.

  10. I apparently roll my eyes at a lot of things without consciously knowing it. Every once in a while I get called out on it…

    • Haha! I still do it and I’m nowhere near being a teenager anymore.

  11. Good job capturing the tone they’re speaking in. Not a whisper, but very flat, quiet.

    • Thank you! That’s definitely the atmosphere I was going for. :D

  12. I’ve been reading your comic for quite a while and always look forward to the next update. Thank you for all the work! You have a great comic! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Ah, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! :DDDD

  13. This is an amazing comic! I love your style and the way you incorporate the Norse culture. Cant wait till more!