Chapter 10 | Page 2

Ibrahim has very nice handwriting. To be more specific, he is writing in Uncial.

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  1. “Coal, I have to tell you: we’re STILL not going to Eire from here, there’s like, ten cities along the way and we just HAVE to stop by. It’s Big Sale week.”
    Besides, Hedda doesn’t have a new dress, and it’s Coal’s fault, he just had to make trouble, didn’t he? :'(

    Oohohh… is there gonna be a Bram-Hedda moment next week?

    • Yes, Loki just has to hit the Medieval outlet malls!

    • Maybe Hedda doesn’t want a new dress! But yeah Coal still ruined their shopping trip anyway.

  2. Aww, look at Ibrahim~! He probably makes a good teacher if hes brightened up just teaching Hedda. It helps that shes willing to learn, I guess.

    • Yeah, it helps to have an eager audience!

  3. Mysterious Loki is mysterious. He looks like a woman in a wedding gown in panel 3 though. HAHA.

    On a side note, that IS nice handwriting. Who’s going to bet Hedda’s will look awful?

    • Since she’s never written anything before, I wouldn’t be surprised!

  4. “Ibrahim has very nice handwriting.” Excellent posture, too!

    • He is nothing if not proper in his posture!

  5. Oh geez, I get the feeling Coal’s in for a bit of a lecture. Loki has the disappointed-parent vibes going. “I want to talk to you” never means good things