Chapter 10 | Page 4

The F-word.

Happy (future) Fourth of July to all my American readers! Have fun with those fireworks. Careful fun.

NEXT WEEK there may not be an update because I’ll have been away from comic-making equipment for a couple of weeks by the time this post posts. Hahahah.

Discussion (17) ¬

  1. Coal’s expression in panel 4 is priceless!

    • “Friends” isn’t in his vocabulary, what does that even mean???

  2. Hahaha, oh boy.
    Coal is adorable. FRIENDS? I DON’T HAVE… FRIENDS!
    (Also, did not deny the dumb thing)

    • He DIDN’T deny it. Oh Coal.

  3. Wow Coal, Loki is trying to heeeeeelp youuuu.

    • Savor it while it lasts!

  4. Hmm. I just noticed that Loki isn’t hiding his eyes since last page. Any particular reason why?

    • Because Hedda and Ibrahim aren’t close enough to see?

    • Yeah, Loki just doesn’t feel like keeping the magic up if he doesn’t need to.

  5. Coal, do what the God says. Loki can really screw up your afterlife.

    • He’s already screwed up Coal’s afterlife.

  6. Just tell him that throwing people off harbors is a sign of friendship among the norsemen

    • Yeah! It’s not like Ibri has any knowledge to the contrary.

    • It’ll also make a great story Ibrahim can tell his brothers.

    • Yeah, it’s initiation! Now you’re in the club, Ibrahim!

  7. The colors are really nice in the night scene pages!

    Also eeee that’s so cute, Ibrahim and Hedda writing letters. :3

    • Thank you! I like playing with lighting. :D Thanks to Photoshop layer filter things!