Chapter 10 | Page 7

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  1. Coooaaaalll you have really serious mood swings.

    • Coal is dead. I would imagine this to kind of mess up oneĀ“s emotional balance.

    • Poor baby. :C

  2. I’m pretty sure that Loki is telling you what you’re supposed to do Coal. Just saying.

    • Or what he should do, anyway.

  3. Surprise surprise, coal; befriending Ibrahim is the next quest objective. You cannot complete the game or progress any further until you have done so.

    • Meh, all the Norse sagas seem to run on rails. “A man can escape his destiny, but not his weird.”

    • Or you could ignore it but the game will get much harder.

  4. Here’s an idea Coal: Improvise; just be yourself!

    • Lol pretty sure Coal being himself is what keeps getting all those comments of Coal not having tact….

      Not sure if I’ve commented yet, so here goes, but I positively love this comic and the art style, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing an awesome story. :)

    • Being himself could be…difficult.

  5. Oh, Coal, honey… <– automatic reaction
    That last panel tho…

  6. Coal! You dove headfirst into a quest without asking what the crap you were supposed to be questing for?!?!?!?

    • Hahaha, he knows at least he needs to get the items. But then what???