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  1. Such sigh. Many frustrations. Much angst. Very Coal. So Quest.

    • Surprisingly I think this is the first time this joke has appeared on this site.

      • WOOHOO! GO ME!

  2. Teenagers. They all have to go through the frustrations of growing up. Coal seems to be having a more difficult time than most. Poor Loki.

    • Loki is definitely not looking forward to his boys reaching this age, hahah.

      • On the bright side, he’s going to have a lot of practice with Coal ^_^

        • And his boys PROBABLY won’t be as much trouble.

  3. I love this comic! I love how upbeat Hedda is now that she knows she isn’t a slave anymore. This comic is so funny, sad, intense at some points and enlightening.
    Did you know this comic is the closest I’ve ever gotten to knowing part of my heritage? I am part Norwiegen…
    …I’m sure I spelled that wrong…
    Anyway, if anyone can give me a good solid place to begin my search for my ancestry I really would appreciate it. :)

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic! :D

      As for learning more about Norway and Scandinavia, I’d have to say Wikipedia is actually a good place to start. I’d never use it as a sole source, but it’s a great place to get your feet wet. Most articles include further reading at the bottom of the page that are actual books you can probably read.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for sending my daughter that watercolor you did of Coal. She was so excited! We really liked the comic book you did as well, and were thrilled with the purchase. But the picture went above and beyond, and will be framed and hung in Klara’s room. She wanted to send a card, but we couldn’t find an address, so we figured I would just thank you in the comments for her. Thanks again!
    From the Mom of Klara in Norway. :-)

    • This just made my month.

      First of all I’m really glad that everything reached you safe and sound! I’m always worried about the international orders and if they’ll get there undamaged, or get there at all!

      Second, thank you so much for commenting, I’m seriously grinning like a loon, you have no idea. I’m glad Klara liked the picture and the comic. If she wants to send a card (which I would love!) I’d be happy to give you my address through email. You can contact me at

      Either way I am so, so happy it reached you and that Klara likes it. And thank you so much for contacting me! It’s been a tough week (just the news and stuff) so I needed something like this. Thank you thank you thank you! <33

      • Our pleasure! I sent an e-mail, since Klara is very keen on sending you that card! We absolutely love this series, and can’t wait to see where it goes!

  5. I’m really loving nighttime look in this chapter. The cool, dark colors contrasting with Coal’s glowing eyes and the sparkly stars in the background are too neat!

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s fun to play around with the lighting and stuff when they travel. :D