Chapter 10 | Page 9

Hedda should get her own cooking show.

Sorry for missing last week’s update, but thanks for reading anyway! See you next week! :D

Also I’m gonna be at a little show in like a month so get excited. I’m excited.

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  1. Food. Food makes everything better. : )

    • That lighting looks amazing btw.

      • Thank you! It’s fun to play with that whenever the location changes.

  2. A meal fit for a god, apparently.

  3. Normal loki eyes look awesome! I love this comic and your attention to detail concerning norse mythology is amazing! keep doing what your doing .

  4. I’m going to be selling at Pittsburgh ComiCon at the end of next month myself. Good luck with the small press expo.

    • Thanks! This will only be my second con, but the first was a lot of fun, so I’m excited!

  5. Catching up with the comic. Boy, do I want Coal to get his teeth punch out …
    I mean, “Durr! Why learning to read? Hedda doesn’t need it! Hurr durr!!”.
    Seriously? It’s like telling her she’s too dumb to need that. That bratty semi-sentient uncultured blondie kid needs some real parenting.

    Yes, I go mad when people say culture and education are useless. These are the very freaking things that make us interesting and different from animals, for Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Sake.
    It gives us the ability to read, to pass down tremendous amounts of knowledge, to rise above the caveman-like level of economy.

    There. Rant is over. Sorry for the disturbance.

    • Haha! I’m sure you’re not the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing Coal get knocked around.

  6. “Cooking with Hedda and Coal! Tonight’s episode: How to turn a sour soup into a sold smile!”

    I can even see Coal in the background being grumpy and wearing an apron, completely unrelated to his grumpiness, mind you, and Loki with that chef tophat being his charismatic and sly self.

    • That would be awesome.

  7. Hey, had the pleasure of reading through this comic to this soundtrack – it’s a pretty mind-blowing experience. Keep it up :D feel free to have a wander amongst this guys tracks btw, they work so well with this gorgeous webcomic :)

    • Oooh cool! Thanks for the link! I hope you enjoyed the comic too. :D