Chapter 10 | Page 11

Coal saying “sorry” definitely won’t happen a lot so you better appreciate it, Ibrahim!

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    • I don’t know if this is a good EEEK or not???

  2. Hedda and Ibrahim took the expression right off my face. o_o

  3. Did the Earth rotate right off its axis or something, Coal’s apologizing! xD He’s growing up so much :’>

    • Our little boy. *sniff*

      • The boyo’s learnin’ what being an adult is all about. Aye. :-)

  4. Coal apologizing. Ah ya know, no big deal. Only took a god to convince him to do it.

    • HAHA! You’re right! Good job, Loki, you managed the near impossible.

  5. “Hello Sorry, I’m Ibrahim”

  6. I love that look in the fourth panel. It’s just so perfectly contrasting with the dialogue.

    So… going by the pattern of ally-gathering, I’m going to guess that Arne will also meet them after falling into a large body of water from a great height, and then proceed to get rescued by Ibrahim, and then someone, likely Hedda or Loki, will be very insistent that Arne not come along, but they’re dragged along anyway.

    • Oh my god, you’re right, Hedda and Ibrahim have fallen in big bodies of water! I hadn’t even noticed that, haha!

      In Arne’s case, however, their roles might be slightly reversed. ;3

  7. “Thank you for apologizing… but how the crap did you throw me across an entire village into the harbour?!?!?!?!”

    • They grow ’em big up North.

  8. I would say these are the End Times, but it’s a thousand years in the past …

    • Perhaps it’s a very slow End Time.