Chapter 10 | Page 12

So great.

THIS WEEKEND I will be at Small Press Expo at table W-90! I’ll have prints and stickers and buttons and of course a comic! MAYBE I WILL SEE YOU THERE. :D

Because I’ll be at SPX all weekend, there won’t be a page next week. Hopefully I will have a cool fun write-up about SPX to share with you all though. :D

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  1. It has been a while since I check up on this comic and I got to say it looks even better then it did last time.

    As always you do great work Miss Sarah.

    • Coal is almost cringing as he asks that.

    • Ah, thank you so much! I’m glad you check back! :D

  2. I love Smug Loki face. It makes me so happy.

  3. … and fun will be had by all!

    OMG Ibrahim’s face in that last panel, lol!

    • Had by all except Coal, of course.

  4. Uhh, what… wh-what is that face you’re making there, Ibrahim? You’re scaring me. D:

    • He smells an opportunity. TO LEARN.

  5. It’s the second time I’m re-reading this comic, and I must say I’m really enjoying your writing and drawing style, you have talent:D! while reading it dawned on me, May Coal be the boy Loki saved in the myth? (the only one I have memory of in which Loki actually does a good action… )

    • Ah, thank you for checking back and rereading! I know it updates slow so I’m always so happy when people make return visits either to binge or refresh. Thank you!


      • witness lady-like avoidance of question… —–> “Oh…. :D”
        Thank to you for sharing your story!^_^

        • Sometimes you guys are too smart.

  6. Ladies too! right? right? :3

    • Oh YEAH, haha, sorry I use “guys” in a general, all-encompassing sense.

      • Don’t be sorry, I just wanted a web-cookie:D ^_^

  7. Loki smirky.

  8. Soo… I was procastinating as I always do and I decided to visit the fanart section of this site.
    Shame on me ’cause I didn’t visit it before!
    I’ve never seen a fanart section so enjoyable, from the crayons’s sketch to the full-fledged illustration (oh my, the Serpent’s Hunt!*_* :D) I had a quarter of an idea to try sketching a fan-art, but now I’m so full of admiration and so aware my drawings will probably be associated to what a kindergarten pupil would do that I’m going to retire in a dark corner and do what I was supposed to do from the start.

    • omg NO I want ALL the fanart! All of it, gimme gimme. :3