Chapter 10 | Page 13

The best way to distract Ibrahim from potentially life-threatening situations is to ply him with information he doesn’t already know.

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  1. Y’know, Coal, most people like to talk about themselves. It’s fun!

    • Coal doesn’t think talking is ever fun.

  2. “and I’M currently running around with a Norse trickster god so, yeah, things are great.”

  3. Oh yeah, us adorable heathens. Being all heathen-y and stuff. *Looks at Loki*

    • The most heathen-y.

  4. So glad this updated again!
    I’m also curious about Coal’s mother though. Did she convert before marriage or afterwards? Did it become an area of conflict between mum and dad? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Coal’s mom was a curious woman! I plan to do a bonus comic about her and Coal’s dad eventually. Bonus comics are tough tho, because I have to take time away from the regular updates to make them.

  5. I’m curious to see how much information Coal will give away. “I also happen to be undead,” would be an interesting reveal!

    • Haha! That definitely would.

      • *BLU Spy*
        Sorry to pop in unannounced. What was your inspiration for the comic’s title, Miss Schanze? :-)

        • HEY! Thanks for reading and commenting! Luckily I have a handy FAQ right here that can answer your question. :D Thanks!