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Coal stop.

HEY GUESS WHAT GUYS! I’m trying to get TMK volume one printed again, and there’s another Kickstarter that started TODAY! (well probably like last night? whatever) The goal is smaller but all the rewards are pretty much the same as last year’s attempt. Please check it out, and spread the word! Thank you!!! <333 Also, TMK's fifth year anniversary is on November 1st, and I was thinking of doing some fun "ask the characters" stuff! If you've got a question for any character in TMK, leave a comment, or tuck it into my Tumblr ask box! I’ll answer whatever questions I get unless they’re super spoilery. Also keep it PG, please, hahaha

See you next week! Thanks for reading! <333

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  1. God, I love Coal’s face in today’s comic. He’s just so smug!

    I don’t know if Loki truly deserves the bad guy reputation that he’s received. While by the time he indirectly kills Baldur, he’s pretty bad, for the most part he’s simply that asshole who doesn’t know when to stop playing pranks or making fun of people (which to be honest, isn’t any worse than some of the shit that Odin was doing). Surtur the fire giant or Nidhogg the dragon might be a better fit for the devil role.

    • Haha, thanks! Loki definitely gets a bad rap in the rest of the world. Even the vikings probably saw him more as an antagonist than an outright evil being. In their worldview, jotnar were predisposed to chaos and disorder more than just “evilness”. It’s pretty interesting!

    • I think Hel would also be a good choise. While She’s not evil either, she does manage the afterlife a Viking didn’t want to end up in.
      Which is the same as the devil.

  2. OH. MY GOD.

    • Hahaha! I really enjoyed drawing it. I still enjoy looking at it.


    • Maybe LOTS of stories.

  4. Oh Coal. XD That FACE.

    And… I’m gonna back you for your volume. I WANT IT. But… why paperback? I was really hoping for a hardback. Anything paperback tends to warp the spine at certain pagecounts… :/ Any chance of a hardback option at a higher price? I’d buy it.

    • Ahh, thank you! And as nice as hardback can be, I don’t think I have the interest to do two separate print runs. It’d force me to double the goal, and right now I’m just hoping to meet the first one I set! I’ve never had any problems with paperback comics, and this volume will be around 200 pages, which sounds like a lot but is only like half an inch spine-wise. I don’t think it will warp at all, though I’m not sure what you mean by “warp” other than cracking. If something happens that causes the KS to reach well and far beyond the original goal, I could possibly offer a hardback as a stretch goal/upgrade.

      EITHER WAY thank you for your support! :DD

  5. you ive been reading this comic for a while but i dont know if ive commented or not.

    either way i enjoy this comic as any mythology or religion interests me, esoecially greek and nordic. the story is fun and i find the current situation fun for the sheer fact that religious debates or whatever are interesting (religions often cause conflict but also unite people from different places).

    even though Loki might seem mean i dont think he is that much of a bad guy (this loki and not as much marvels tom hiddleston loki) as he is more of a trickster and does it just to mess and have fun.

    looking forward to what coal hides behind that devious grin >:)

    • Ahh thank you for commenting! I love getting comments. :3 I’m lad you’re enjoying the comic! Loki is definitely less of a “bad guy” in TMK, though he’s not all honest and upfront either, haha.

  6. Oh oh oh that is beautiful, those last two panels had the whole household chortling in glee. I love it. XD
    Also totally on board for the Kickstarter! I really hope it goes well, I want a book of TMK very much! ^.^

    • Thank you so much! :D I had a lot of fun drawing this page.

  7. Rimshot

  8. That last panel is probably my favorite of the entire comic so far.

    • You know what??? Me too.

  9. So… all the mess we get to know about norse mithology, and specifically about Loki’s mith, it’s Coal’s fault. Now we know. OTOH, It must be awesomely gourgeous to be able to slander a god right in his face XD(though, I’d think about consequences if I’d were in Coal’s shoes…) And, Loki’s “meh..” face when the devil’s question is brought up… priceless:D^_^

    • Coal’s probably more thinking of the recent grief Loki has caused him, and Loki has undoubtedly heard worse things said to his face anyway! Hahaha, thanks!

  10. Having that big of a smile in Coal’s face is more disturbing than if he would just normally frown. I don’t think the muscles of his face are suited to this type of stress.

    • That’s why it doesn’t look particularly appealing.

  11. This NEEDS to be a T-shirt. . . . . .

    • Haha, that would be fun!

  12. Questions for Characters:

    For Hedda – What does Hedda think of Coal? Does she see him as a chance companion, or more as a potential future interest?

    For Coal – How does being dead impact your future outlook on dealings with the living?

    For Loki – Tom Hiddleston: good impersonation or overwrought dramatization?

    • GOOD QUESTIONS. Thank you! :D

  13. Coal: In a matter of speaking… though at times that’s debatable.

  14. Now for questions

    Ibri, have you ever studied the Egyptian belief system?

    • Oooh, good one! Thank you! :D

    • You’re welcome!


    Oh Coal, you slay me.

    Actually they all slay me, such lovely, well-rounded characters!

  16. Ahhhh!!! I just caught up on this chapter and this page has me smiling like an idiot! That last panel is pure gold.

    • Hahaha, thank you! I loved drawing that face.

  17. i love this so ficking much. as a heathen i love how well you depict all the gods those far and can’t wait to see the others as well.

    • Ahh thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. :3

      • yes it is truly awesome. i can’t wait for the next update. i plan on cosplaying as coal, and with your permission i would like to do a review on the comic for the youtube channel that I’m going to have. it’s not up yet because i haven’t recorded my fist episode but i would love for that fist episode to actually be on tmk.

        • OMG I’M TERRIBLE I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS TILL TODAY. Anyway YES please I’d love to see your cosplay of Coal and a review on TMK! When/if you do it, please link me so I can check it out. :D Thank you!!

  18. Ok I’ve been reading for a while but this is my first comment, and it’s to say that that last panel is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long while and I almost woke up my roommate laughing.

    • Hahahaha! I HOPE YOU DID. :3

  19. A devil?
    No, too preposterous!
    Lord Low Key likes to keep things quiet, but practically prank filled.
    You’d never know he was there!

    • Well, his main weakness in many of the original myths was that he couldn’t keep things quiet. If he’d been able to refrain from bragging about the tricks he pulled off, he’d have got away with a lot more :P.

    • Haha, this comic was recommended to me because they saw American Gods in my library; glad so see someone else out there who’s read it. :]

    • Though he is the type to enjoy bragging, hahaha.

  20. Funny, I have read lots of the sagas, Eddas and lokean (those who openly worship loki as their patron) writings so I have to say I would place Loki/Lopt/Asa-Loki in truth strictly as the trickster god and not the devil, Its the rather the good and bad concept brought on by the Abramic faiths or rather mindset that treat Loki as the “DEVIL”. But Yes ….I love Coal’s LOL Face. In Conclusion Loki is more of the Culture Bringer and that steps on the stiff toes in any dogmatic mindset :3

    • Got a point there!

    • You are right! But he’s also an easy target, haha.

  21. Loki’s like… “That’s not a fair comparison. Tricking people into dressing in drag does not equal the attempted damnation of all the souls of mankind.”

    • Hahaha! That’s true! Definitely pretty tame. For the most part.

  22. I just backed the kickstarter! Super confident in TMK’s being-fundedness. Also, obligatory mention of Coal’s face. In every. Single. Panel.

    Question for Hedda: Do you remember anything about Eire? Or were you really little when you left?

    • Thank for for backing the KS! Also that’s a great question!

  23. Your ideas and your art and your storytelling are my reason for looking forward to Thor’s Day!
    The talk among these characters is so simple, complex and wonderful–especially against the backdrop of the deep blue sky, stars, and sea.
    I am no scholar of Loki lore–but I do love the idea of a god who gets off on SHOPPING in a culture that exalts warriors who bring home gear in a very different way. It’s just one more way his head is somewhere else. No wonder he would come off as a devil to some onlookers.

    • Haha, thank you so much! Loki is definitely a bit of an anti-viking in that he doesn’t rely on brute strength to get by. It’s a lesson he’s trying to teach Coal even as we speak!

  24. In a manner of speech…

  25. Last panel … their faces are priceless :-P
    Coal, you troll.

    • Coal the Troll. Sounds about right. And it even rhymes!