Chapter 10 | Page 16

The big question.

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  1. Awww, no, Loki. Come back! We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. We just wanted to make fun of you in front of your face.

  2. That’s a very considerate Loki we have here! I can’t imagine a single god walking away and letting others talk about him in terms that he/she’ll know will be less than pleasant at least…
    If he were a mortal, I ‘d think It’s like he’s reached that moment of your life when you just don’t give a f.. of what people think about you anymore..:D

    • OTOH, that’s also the best thing to do when others are about to mock you plubicily… you remove the target and they are deprived of the reward that comes from their malice. Though… I’m not sure this would be enough to stop Coal right now…XD Oh, well, far from ears is far from heart as well I guess^_^

    • You are right about that, Loki really doesn’t give a fig about a lot of stuff now! He’s like forty, he’s way beyond caring what people think of him. Though he probably never cared much to begin with, hahah.

      • It’s a good thing that he’s got such thick skin about himself. If he didn’t, he’d be a bit of a hypocrite considering how many times he managed to piss off the gods with his insults and pranks.

  3. Methinks loki just doesn’t wanna hear about the Slepnir incident.

    • XD man you made me ROFL! It’s really one of the most awkard story I’ve ever read about in mithology… the Asi should have shown more gratitude for it, after all, he really endured a lot of.. trouble to save THEIR bottoms…XD

      • Only stiory more amusing is the “Meet your new bride: A pissed off Thunder God! (why is THAT the only myth Clash of the Gods got right?)”

    • Though he loves his freakish eight-legged baby.

      • I do too… I do too…! ;)

  4. It’s nice that the Christian girl has a balanced take on Loki.

    • Rare to see somethin’ like that!

    • Haha, she does! She’s Christian but she’s grown up with these same stories so she does know about him.

  5. Okay, what prank is Loki going to come up with?

    • People suspect him of such mean things. >:C

      • But then, knowing Loki, he wouldn´t really have it any other way, now would he?

        I mean, a trickster god isn´t a proper trickster god if he doesn´t have the reputation to match, right?

  6. Just found your comic again after a few years…………………
    Have to say you’ve done a wonderful job with the story so far, was actually sad to arrive at the current page…………
    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next chapter of Coal’s “unlife”

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you were able to find TMK again. :DDD

  7. Oh, you started shading the comic.
    I don’t want to be mean, but I prefer the unshaded style. IMO it did fit the old nordic setting better and set it apart from other comics.

    • Actually, I’ve been shading the past few pages because the group’s only real source of light is the fire, and fire tends to put very sharp shadows on everything. I play around with lighting a good bit throughout the comic, and will continue to do so, but the default “style” will remain flat colors. Sometimes I like to shake things up!

      Thanks for reading!

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