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Spoiler alert??

I owe some character question answer things! I will probably put those up next week. If you have a question for a character, there’s still time to get them in! Either reply here or stick them into my Tumblr’s ask box. It’s been five years since I started TMK now. Weird, right? Still got a ways to go, but we’re making progress! Thanks so much to everyone who has followed and enjoyed the comic. <33

Speaking of, the Kickstarter MADE ITS GOAL!!! But there’s still a week or so left to get your very own copy of volume one. Thanks so much to everyone who’s already pledged!!

Thanks for reading! See you next week! And Happy Halloween! Hahaha.

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  1. Hmm, I bet Loki has a different version of this story…

  2. Yay learning!

    Especially stuff I didn’t know about like this. Coolio!

    • Yay! I know not everyone who reads TMK knows about Norse mythology so I hope this works for everyone.

  3. Congratulations on the Kickstarter! :D

    Also, hurray for Coal story time!

  4. Beatiful rendition, shows he has the gift of synthesis.
    Also, good he didn’t mention how Loki and his family ends up after this…
    I remember reading the myth for the first time as a child, in a series of illustrated mithology booklets for children, and in the norse one there was this “very nice” illustration of what gods did… somehow, it looked really “too much” to six-year-old me, worse than what was done to Prometheus(very nice illustration of that too.. I’m now wondering about the mental health of the illustrator*_*) because it involved their sons, even if Vali and Narfi were there depicted as young men and not as children, and Loki was really depicted as nothing more than some sort of devil…
    Luckily, later in my years I’ve come around more leveled versions of this mith, with very good insights on the meaning of the story, and comparing them, especially with greek and Babylon myths has helped to put them in a structured perspective…sorry for the uncalled wall of text.
    Thanks again for the comics.

    • Nooo that’s all really interesting! Sadly I’m not quite done with the story here, haha, but I won’t be getting into anything too graphic. Thank you!

  5. I adore your stylized, Nordic drawings. This page is just so wonderful with all the little details like Hod’s figure not having any eyes and Coal’s gesture as he shares the story in front of the fire…just fills me with multiple senses: awe, foreboding…and squealing because I’m looking at this as “story-time with Coal”.

    I have no knowledge of Nordic mythology and have been reading your comic with small forays into wikipedia now and then…but this page really has me itching to do some real research and learn about it now!

    You continue to have me falling love with every page! :)

    • Haha, thank you! A really great book I read that’s a retelling of the mythologies is simply “The Norse Myths” by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Very entertaining and also easy to understand and read. There’s some notes in the back too.

  6. We could go into where Sleipnir came from… From our gender bending buddy who decided to be a mare for some ribald mischief to save his own skin and defraud an honest jotun craftsman.

  7. In the “Lokasenna” Loki doesn’t kill Balder, he just starts calling the gods out on all the horrible nasty things they’ve been doing (murder, adultery, etc.), then he starts Ragnarok later as retaliation for being punished.

    I like Norse stuff, theres so many alternate versions of everything…

    • Lots of alternate versions. :3

    • Try Egyptian; sometimes the gods are relatives, others they’re spouses. Over a bajillion different versions for the exact same myth!

  8. I have questions for the characters!!

    Ibrahim: Do you think your father will pursue your captors for your kidnapping?

    Coal: why u so mean?

  9. I was trying to come up with a good question, but the only thing I can think of is asking Loki what he thinks about being the pebble that starts the Ragnarok-slide, and maybe if he ever gets tempted to just kick the whole thing off right away, or decides he’s going to try to never start it.

    Also, he probably doesn’t have a great relationship with Baldur or Hod.

    Also also, for Hod: dude, why don’t you just, I dunno, not throw things at your brother? Seems like a good loophole to me.

    Ah, well, fate is fate, I suppose. Didn’t “doom” originally mean destiny or fate in one of the Scandinavian languages? I could be remembering that wrong. Also somebody’s “weird” or something? I haven’t brushed up on my linguistic trivia in a while.

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