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Ibrahim’s little mumble translates to “Such violent stories” or something similar, at least according to a friend who knows Arabic.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Not one to talk, Ibrahim.

    • Pfft, compared to.. oh, say The Book of Exodus and pretty much the REST of the Old Testament, Ibri? The story of Ragnarok is nothing!

    • Nope! He’s a quiet one.

  2. Yay learning some new stuff! Except for you know how to say it properly (if i were tp say it itd probably translate to something offensive and I would get slapped

    • Hahaha, yeah that’s a problem of so much research that’s mostly reading! I can only guess how some things are pronounced.

  3. I’m sensing a delicate subject…

  4. @inserthorriblypunnynamehere: I’m talking about all the gods that do not die during Ragnarok…. it’s quite long story and I’m like 16 hour behind my job schedule, so I cannot really spend much time here, but if you have time, you should considering reading “Myths of the norsemen from Eddas and Sagas” and “The Younger Edda also called Snorre’s Edda or the prose Edda” just search the title on amazon (kindle section) and you’ll see they are for free, even if you don’t have a kindle you can download the app and diving into norse mythology. I found those two books very easy to read as a non-native speaker, so you shouldn’t have any problem with them… and even if the first one is somehow like a dated textbook with probably a dated outlook over norse myths, you’ll find lots of interesting details and well thought explanations about single gods myths and Ragnarok. Peace, now I really have to go back to workXD

    ps for the author: is
    still something you’re planning to do? Because I love it. I also want an inflatable version that I can use as cuscion whenever I have a bath. And a scarf bidimensional version.

    • Sadly, I don’t have any devices that use apps. I’m horribly old-fashioned. I’m definitely planning to read those, though.

    • Oh man I forgot about that patchtogether thing. Hahaha, it’s been so long I think it’s fairly certainly not going to happen. It would be neat, but I’m mostly focused on just getting the book out there. Perhaps someday the comic will be popular enough to get plush toys! In the meantime, tell your friends. ;D

      • Fine for me, I’ll try to spread my love for Jormy-plushie/neckwarmer
        to the few I know:D

  5. I’m really looking forward to having Loki share his thoughts on the matter

  6. If you have the chance, you should really put an asterisk next to Ibrahim’s words with a translation at the bottom of the page. If you ever turn this comic into a book, it will make it that much easier on the readers. I’ve seen other comics do similar things, and it helps keep things comprehensible. Of course, some of those comics use a number of different languages on the same page, but the principle applies nonetheless.

    • I have thought of that! But at the same time, since it’s not a plot-related comment, I’m not too concerned about it. It’s more for flavor, to remind the reader that other languages exist, and Ibrahim has his own thoughts. When the comic veers to even further lands, I hope to use language in the same way (albeit modern versions of those languages). If the language is essential to the plot, it’ll be translated on the page. Course, I say that now, but I could change my mind too. :D

      • Even if it’s not plot-related, it’s a bit off-putting. Unless there’s a specific reason it’s not supposed to be understood, which may well include emphasizing his foreigness to the rest of the main characters, you should really put it in.

        However, as I wrote that, I saw your point. Oh well.

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