Chapter 10 | Page 23


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  1. My, an introspective Coal. The kid has more to him than I thought!

  2. Funny how the trees make almost-runes :P

    • That was totally intentional. I meant to do that. It was all on purpose.

      I’m lying.

  3. Good night, Coal. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

  4. That sky is GORGEOUS! You just can’t see one like that nowadays!

    • Some places you can! Also helps that I can paint as many stars as I want. :D

  5. I was expecting something to occur to Coal’s left shoulder, the way Loki patted it… uhm.. I’m too suspicious. It’s not like every think he does is sneaky, right? I mean, what could have he done? stick a paper with “Dork” written on it on his back? …
    I find disappointing that I can’t see the back of Coal by lowering my laptop screen, now.
    *runs happily down through Madness Road*

    • Well… considering that it’s Loki…

    • You guys suspect such mean things of Loki. >:C

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