Chapter 10 | Page 25

Happy New Year! Have fun, Ibrahim.

This is the end of the chapter, and would also mark the end of Volume Two! However I’m still not done with Volume One, and because of that I’m afraid I’ll have to take a hiatus to focus on it. I’m hoping to be back at the end of February or early March, but we’ll see. I also have to write the next chapter, which features all new characters in a new place! Get excitedddd!

Thank you for reading! If you want to keep track of what’s happening TMK-wise, please check out my Tumblr! I post sketches and other art up there.

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  1. I think Ibrahims seasickness will be the least of their worries… hoping the boat makes it.

    Hiatus nooooooooooo… nah its fine ive survived year long hituses I might survive two or three months.

    • Haha, it definitely shouldn’t take a year. *knocks on wood*

  2. Thought I smelled a hiatus… Take all the time you need!

  3. Is that a world serpent I spy beneath the waves?
    I look forward to continuing the story in a few months.

    • It iiiiiiis. I wonder what he’s doing there.


    • I applaud to you sir/madam, for few people online have ever gotten me to actually laugh out loud.

      good one ;)

    • Almost 100% chance of this, poor Ibrahim. :C

  5. Take all the time you need
    Barring Ragnarok, we’ll still be here, waiting patiently for your return.
    Some web comics only update once or twice a MILLENNIUM (talking to YOU “Last Blood”, “Lucky Dog” “Pawn” et al.)
    I can wait……………………………………

    • Oh dear, it definitely won’t take me a thousand years to get the stuff done that I need to, haha! I’m glad people seem to be supportive, though. :3

  6. There is no shame in taking time to do what you need to do.

    On a side note as some one who likes to draw I really like how you were able to make the clouds look the way they do.

    • Thanks! I’m actually not totally happy with them, because while they look like storm clouds, they don’t really match the flat, graphic style of the comic. I was having some art blockage that day, and might redo them in the future. But thank you!

  7. Is that Jormy!? (Jormungandr)

  8. I love your art style! It reminds me greatly of the movie The Secret of Kells, it’s beautiful

    • Thank you! That movie certainly had a profound effect on my style and approach to art.

  9. I have work tomorrow and I stayed up until way too late to finish the entire thing in one go. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF. Because it is clearly your fault and not mine. Yeah.

  10. One could hope that Rollo works like Skidbladner and can sail just fine in bad weather.. I however have the feeling, that he doesn’t, even though he is very cute :3

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