Chapter 11 | Page 1

What’s that?

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  1. “Sorry, I forgot to actually word my words. My bad.”

    Or mebbe the listener can’t understand~

  2. I’m more than a little bit creeped out by the lack of eyes on these people…

  3. Ah…you’re using Inuit and Norse historical relations into your using.

    • Not Inuit, but close! Arne is from the Dorset culture.

  4. Looks like a bit of scrimshaw to me.

    • I had to look up that word and it works for me!

  5. NEW PAGE!!!! I’m so excited to see your Americas.

    Really interested to see how this part of the story plays out, it looks great so far!

    • Thank you! I’m glad people are excited. :D

  7. interesting art effect

    • Thanks! It’s fun to play around with styles when I get the opportunity. Keeps things interesting.

  8. Yay! We’re back to the quest! Did we just see a little piece of god stuff in the first panel?

    • Yay for being back! That’s just some carving going on there though, hahah. The Dorset culture is known for making pretty amazing carvings.

  9. Ooops. I meant second panel.

  10. Laryngitis will do that to you.

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