Chapter 11 | Page 2

Hey Arne, what’s happening.

By the way, I wanted to plug my Patreon because it exists and helps me out a lot and I haven’t plugged it in a long time. All patron levels get to see the finished comic pages as soon as I finish them, sometimes up to a week before it goes online! Now that I’m trying (trying) to do more pages a week, patrons also get a faster update schedule. :D

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Wakey-wakey egs-n’-… cooked pig (were pigs common in that place at that time?)!

    • Haha! I think they were! Maybe not as common and sheep and goats, especially on Iceland, but I’m sure they were around.

  2. This was updated on my sister’s birthday! Hooray! :D I’m curious to learn who this Arne is…

    • Arne is Arne! And happy birthday to your sister, haha!

  3. Is the collar around Arne’s neck the same one that was being skrtched in the last page?

    • Actually no! But I can understand why you’d think that. In the previous page it was a piece of bone being carved (hard to figure since it’s not detailed/a dream sequence though, haha). Arne’s torque is made of silver.

  4. Yay, our first glimpse of Arne in the comic! Happy day. :D

    • YES! The last of the main group to join. Feels good.

  5. And now we get to learn who Arne is…

  6. Wake up, ya doof! There’s work to be done! :p You can’t just be lazing about all day dreaming of… oil lamps and… scrimshaw? Wait, something’s going on here. :/

  7. How’s Arne pronounced? Ar-knee? Arn (as in yarn?)?
    Anyway, soo glad this comic is back! I waited so long!

    • Haha! Arne like yarn, yeah. At least I’m pretty sure. And yay!

      • Arn-eh. Arn rhymes with yarn, and then a short eh-sound.
        Norwegian here :)

  8. OMG does he have a jormungandr necklace :D


    • Haha! Eh, it’s supposed to be an eagle/hawk, but that’s kinda hard to see unless it’s the right angle. A Jormungandr necklace is a neat idea though, haha!

  9. Those last panels with the grass reminds me of last week when the spring weather was awesome and I decided to lay down on a blanket in our backyard under the shade our tree while my daughter played around the yard. It was quite refreshing.

    And then it got cold and snowed this week :P. Spring is kinda crazy around here this year.

    • Haha, sounds nice! Also sounds like you live in Canada, haha! Hopefully you get a spring that lingers soon.

      • Actually, believe it or not, I live in Utah! It’s not *usually* like this, but Utah does on rare occasion have weird seasonal weather. It was a very warm winter, where it mostly snowed on Christmas and last week, which is just odd.

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