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Iceland: not an exciting place for warriors.

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  1. I am intrigued by that woman. Who is she, and what does she have up her sleeves?Also, in panel 3, Adorable Kid is adorable.

    • She is Aud! She is Arne’s mom and the local “cheif” though her role is somewhat limited.

      Also yes adorable Arne. :3

  2. I roll initiative against Harold

    • what, you’re not going to try to detect motive first?

    • I get this reference!

  3. Ah, legality and Iceland. they were big on it. For instance, you exorcised a ghost by suing it for trespass.

    • REALLY? I didn’t read that during my research but wow Viking Iceland is complicated and confusing.

  4. Is Aud a Lawgiver as well as a chief?

    • Not really, no. Women weren’t allowed to participate in law stuff. She knows the laws, and makes most of the decisions, but Ingolf is her proxy.

  5. I need to read more about old Vikings stuff. :/ Books you recommend for starters?

    • WELL I listed all the viking books I’ve read (or need to read) here on my Goodreads. Probably the best to start with is Else Roesdahl’s The Vikings. It’s a great, basic overview of the culture. I also really enjoyed Neil Oliver’s book (with the same title haha). His goes further back into the history of the area, and also incorporates how the Vikings affected the world at large. But yeah check out that list and see the reviews and maybe you’ll find something you’re interested in!

  6. Well, having once had around 600 Icelandic in-laws (pretty much everyone is GarĂ°ur), I did learn something of the country. While all the vikings were out a-viking, the more middle class settled in Iceland, away from all the thugs and Jarls.

  7. “You make your own laws”

    • Well that’s pretty much what Iceland did, hahah.

  8. I suppose the answer would be to turn Harold away.

  9. I thought that the answer to the riddle was: there are no forest in Iceland. But I checked and realized that it was not that way in the past, so, hmm…

    Go to war? War always solves everything, sort of…

    • Haha! There aren’t any now, but there were some when the Vikings arrived. They are single-handedly responsible for changing Iceland’s ecology. It’s pretty nuts.

      • Well we cannot entirely blame this one on the Vikings/Norse. Considering they arrived on Iceland, and Greenland, during the Medieval Warm Period when it would be possible to have trees on more of Iceland than today. But it is still possible to have trees on Iceland and they do. Apparently not all went away and a few clusters were preserved, by the church no less, and are expanding.

        Icelandic forestry service.

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