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Warriors, pft. Who needs ’em.

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  1. Ooh, I roll initiative against Agnar!
    And detect motive on Jay.

    • Who is Jay.

      • In the comment thread from the previous page where I joked about rolling initiative against Harold, he suggested me first to detect motive first :P

  2. D: Warriors are people too

    Also I got my book and prints and stuff today I AM SO HAPPY

    • Yaaay! I’m glad. I hope they arrived in good condition.

  3. So Arne is a “Son of Odin” who is being raised as a diplomat rather than a warrior.

    Oh he and Coal are gonna get along just *fiiiiine*

  4. Well, Odin is a Wisdom and Battle God… the key link IS strategy… I think Coal and Arne will get along well.

    • That is true, Odin is more War God than Thor. Could be interesting.

    • Yeah but Coal isn’t too fond of Odin and Thor early on. I’m still hypothesizing eye rolls and sighs everywhere!

      • I think if he hadn’t been carrying that bit of Thor’s hammer he’d have gotten along great with Thor.

  5. “Warriors, pft. Who needs ‘em.”

    Those who don’t want to be slaves. Or who want to capture some. It depends. :-P

    • True! Luckily Iceland is so far out of the way that people would be kinda dumb to go there to get some. Why go there when Ireland is so much closer. :D

      • Interesting thing about that… I’m told that in the past Afghan pirates (Northern part of Africa, I think) actually had at one point landed on Icelandic soil and had taken some of the natives there, and returned to Africa. Some of those Icelandic natives married the Afghan people there, had kids, and decided to return to Iceland.

        It was my co-worker who says this, as a lot of her heritage is Icelandic, and she claims that from DNA testing she has about 1% Native African.

        • Whoa! I’d love to read that somewhere! I’m very skeptical but that doesn’t mean much in the scheme of things, haha. “Afghan” is from Afghanistan, which is in the Middle East, not Africa, however Northern Africa is very close to Europe and it is where the Moors came from (Ibrahim and/or his family has North African roots). I also don’t think there were any “natives” on Iceland before the Vikings stopped by, except maybe some monks that had already left by the time they showed up. Archaeologists haven’t found any evidence of habitation prior to that.

          I don’t mean to discount your coworker! Her 1% Native African plus Icelandic heritage is definitely possible, but I’m just doubtful of pirates from that far away going to Iceland. It’s something I’d love to learn more about, if such a thing actually happened. It sounds pretty neat! But learning about history means being skeptical about everything, hahaha. Maybe I just haven’t come across that yet in my research!

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