Chapter 11 | Page 10

Need those trees.

Thanks for reading! There likely won’t be an update next week because I’ll be with family this weekend, and that page also has another establishing shot ugh, BUT I hope you all enjoy this page. Yay!

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  1. So basically, she’s teaching him the game…of thrones :P.

    • More like the game of godar BUT YEAH I GUESS SO.

  2. Am I crazy or can you not comment on anything but the most recent two comics anymore? I was re-reading TMK recently and had a few things to say, but couldn’t….

    • You are not crazy! I only have the last two open to comments now, haha. You can say what you want on the recent pages though. Thank you for (re)reading!

      • Ah, ok! Any specific reason for that? Just curious.

        One thing I wanted to point out is that another commenter said Arne reminded him of another boy who liked to climb, which ended poorly – he was almost certainly talking about Bran from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire.

        • OH yeah that…was an unfortunate boy who liked to climb, hahaha.

          And it’s been a while since I changed that. I think I did it because I was bored of getting comments on old discussions, and wanted to encourage comments on newer pages. Something like that, hahaha.

        • She. Just sayin’. *waves*

  3. Iceland’s court system was really marvelous solution to the problem of blood feuds that plagued Iceland in its first couple xenturies.

    Also makes total sense that they’d kill over forest land. Lumber became a scarce resource quick!

    • It did! Reading about Iceland was pretty fascinating! Also confusing, hahaha.

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