Chapter 11 | Page 11

Page isn’t totally done but I didn’t want to skip another update. This was one of those pages that just was a pain for no reason! It’s not even that complicated. >:C Oh well, sometimes it’s just hard.

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  1. D: Not done page is not done ohnoes

    Is page going to be done later then when it’s not a pain for no reason? *kicks page*

    • It’s done now! Sometimes I just need an extra day that I don’t quite have.

  2. Aww, poor Harold!

    The Lady sure likes to show off her wood. If forests and trees are rare this building is rich!

    • Seriously. It’s not cheap to import either! Aud’s got some coin (or wool or whatever she trades).

  3. My books came and they’re wonderful! Thanks so much.

    • Yay! I’m glad they got to you safely. Thank you!

  4. The books came, quicker than I expected!! They are lovely and I’m enjoying the retread close up!
    I tend to read TMK on my phone so it’s nice to see the detail in the artwork, thanks!

  5. From a former editor, admittedly of government documents (social science curricula, to be more precise):

    The “Nod” caption in panel #2 IMHO is too subtle. At first I thought the person depicted was “the guest”, only after a 2nd reading did I notice the caption and noticed that the subject is a servant.

    Yr Humble Reader,
    An Anonymous Coward

    • Oh no! I meant to color that “nod” a lighter color, but must have overlooked it, haha. Thanks for the tip! It’s something I’ll have to fix up.

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