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Sorry, Harold.

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  1. I was wondering what books you’d recommend for somebody into Viking/Scandinavian stuff but who has most of his knowledge coming from online/fictional sources. This kind of deal seems pretty cruel to the little guy, but then the little guy usually gets the short end of the stick. Or am I reading this wrong?

    • Oh ho ho ho, have I got books…

      The Vikings by Else Roesdahl: good basic overview, great place to start.
      The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland: great collection of the myths told in contemporary prose with notes at the back.
      The Vikings by Neil Oliver: a more in-depth, emotional explanation of the Vikings and the history leading to them and their effects on the world at large.
      Viking Age Iceland by Jesse Byock: Iceland was confusing as hell but this was a pretty good resource.
      Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by the Smithsonian Institution: full of “essays” more than a date-by-date history, and filled to the brim with great photos.
      DK’s Eyewitness book, Viking: these basic, image-heavy books are a fave of mine and another great place to begin.


    • Also the alternative for this guy is pretty much getting killed by Agnar, so….

      It’s actually based (loosely) off a real predicament I read about in my Iceland book.

      • The Byock book?

        • Yep! It’s the only Iceland-specific book I’ve read. Iceland is mentioned in the other books, of course, but that book is focused solely on it.

      • Well yeah, I mean obviously it’s better than dying. I’m just saying it’s not exactly like he has much agency in it. “Here, have choice! You can choose between “unfortunate” and “awful”.”

      • But then again, those were probably the decisions most people would love to have been able to make back then. Or even now… Looking at it from my position, it’s easy for me to say that this looks bad, but maybe not. I need to READ SOME BOOKS NOW.

      • “…any cases brought against you are brought against us.”

        That sounds like a poison pill for Lady Aud, if they’ve misread the situation. This isn’t a one-way street for Harold

        • At the same time, Aud does have the choice NOT to represent him, if it turns out he’s a gigantic jerk no one likes. This is mostly for this particular issue, Aud will help him if he gives her his land. He’s basically a sharecropper now I think. If she wants to, she can give the land back to him. And Harold could have gone to any godi/chief, and they probably would have offered a similar deal.

          I’m not kidding when I say Icelandic Viking politics/laws/etc was confusing/complicated! I still don’t get most of it myself.

          • The forest is the most valuable part, isn´t it?

            Aud could give all the rest of it back to him, he´d still be able to make a living off that land – and Aud would be both richer than before, and look generous.

          • Sheesh. o_o

  2. It is rather dangerous to corner a man like this.

    • Maybe he’ll think twice next time he wants to kill someone, hahaha.

  3. hey! I’ve been following since about the beginning of this chapter, and can I just say, this is fantastic. the art is really amazing; not at all similar to the style I usually work with, but a huge inspiration all the same. one question though, have you by any chance seen the movie ‘the secret of kells’? it’s really fantastic and mystical and the style is really similar, so.. I was wondering lol

    • Thank you for reading the comic!! In fact I have seen The Secret of Kells, it was a big inspiration for me artistically.

  4. Oh, not that Harold then :P

    • I think Harold Bluetooth wouldn’t give a crap about some backyard yokel trying to take his land or be willing to enter under anyone’s “protection”. So I would hope it wasn’t that Harold. Arne’s story would probably not have a good end if that was Bluetooth.

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