Chapter 11 | Page 16

No pressure.

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  1. It seems like most, if not all, the mothers we’ve seen so far have been awesome moms (assuming they weren’t dead).

    Though I guess the wife of the chief who owned Hedda wasn’t necessarily so great.

    • Moms are usually pretty awesome! Coal’s mom is awesome in a different way, though, hahaha.

  2. Why do I believe she will do some badass thing later? She looks like a baddass mom. Also, at the risk of being very frivolous I have to say that expression in the third panel is so adorable!

    • Haha, thank you! Aud can probably be badass in a non-physical way if she wanted to be.

  3. Getting some Mother Gothel vibes…

    Hoping this isnt some form of foreshadowing because I actually like Whats-her-face a lot.

    • Her name is Aud! She’s not so bad as Mother Gothel, at least.

  4. You do not irk that momma bear and walk away under your own power. You might be alive afterwards, might being key here.

  5. Poor kid, to have even had such a thought.

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