Chapter 11 | Page 17

We still like you, Ingolf.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. I really enjoy your comic, but wondering why you haven’t posted anything about yourself or your comic for almost a year. Would really like to hear more…please think about writing something. Cheers!

    • Oh, you’re right! Wow. Well I guess I don’t have much to say! But now that I think of it, I can probably post something for the Patreon or something, hahaha. Thank you!

  2. Poor dude…



      • Whether drunk on ale or mead
        In a boat or on a steed
        Odin loves the little Vikings of the world

        • You win all of teh internets.

  4. On an earlier page I guessed Aud to be in her 30s, mainly because she looked so stern and serious. I was surprised when you said early 20s!
    But now that she’s relaxed, hanging out with her son and having a good laugh over drunken suitors she does seem so much younger and softer.
    Guess I just had to get to know her!

    • Awww, yeah Aud has two sides I guess! Well certainly more than that, but there is definitely a difference between her “chief” side and her “mom” side. I like Aud a lot.

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