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So cold.

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  1. Oh jeez, talking about promiscuous sex with your mom is WEIRD.

    • This mom isn’t like other moms. It’s almost like talking to your cool aunt.

      • …that comment, for some reason, makes me hope that my niece(s) won’t ever consider me the cool uncle. I’ll likely wind up in jail for aggravated assault on and/or murder of some “poor” teenage boy.

    • HAHA! It would certainly be today, but viking longhouses were short on privacy, so you can bet kids knew about sex before they were old enough to understand it. Aud at least has a bed closet (which is literally like a closet just big enough for a bed), but even that only has thin wood walls and isn’t soundproof or anything.

      Also, sex before marriage likely wasn’t a big deal to them until Christianity came along and declared virginity a woman’s greatest virtue (and limited a lot more of their freedoms to boot). Marriage was more about business and status than love, especially for high-ranking people. Aud has some flexibility here since she’s a widow, and if she married before Arne came of age then her new husband could gain control of her land. However, when Arne is of age, you can bet Aud will be searching for an advantageous union.

      And I’d hardly consider sex with one guy promiscuous, hahahah.

  2. I’m a bit curious, would an “illegitimate” son between Aud and Ingolf threaten Arne? Because unless there was legal stuff in place or some nifty Viking birth control I imagine pregnancy can still be a risk!

    • Probably, yeah, but Aud definitely takes care of that, haha. And also, technically, she can choose her heir. Even if she already had a son, with Ingolf or anyone, she doesn’t necessarily have to give her godar to him. I’ve read stories were godar were inherited by non- or distant relatives of the godi. In this case Aud is more concerned about causing possible strife within her followers and the people she looks after. Even though Iceland was full of laws, it didn’t mean discourse and violence didn’t happen.

  3. Oh I bet Loki is going to get along just fine with her. Coal… I’m sure he’ll be a perfect little Viking gentleman.

    • Coal will be a perfect little something, that’s for sure.

  4. Yeah, yeah. “Cold”. ;-D

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