Chapter 11 | Page 20

Get down, Arne, it’s time for a transition!

HEY GUESS WHAT! I got in to SPX this year again! I tabled there last year, but this year I got wait-listed. Apparently I waited long enough, and I’ll have a table there with my friend Hannah! We’ll be at table I2 with comics and prints and all sorts of things!!!! COME SEE US!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. “Get off the roof, Arne.” Why do I feel like someone said that about 17 pages ago, too. :p

    My goodness, her eyes are so pretty in the first panel!

  2. A storm is coming alright, but I don’t think we’re talking just about the weather…
    Love this page!! Aud is beautiful! Arne’s face, and that sunset light, just great!!

    • Also, to Sarah: have you by any chance read a comic (more like, manga actually) called Vinland Saga? it’s during the viking’s invasions to England, and sometimes the protagonist reminds me a little of Coal… the whole hothead young warrior thing you know, haha
      Between your TMK and Vinland, now I’m very into viking history! :D (even the more bloody parts lol)

      • YES! I actually plugged it a couple weeks ago! I was also amused by the similarities between the protag and Coal, which probably made me like it even more. I read through all the available volumes (which amount to two Japanese volumes in one) in just a couple days. Also I don’t mean to go all Mom on you, but I hope you’re supporting Vinland Saga through legal means, hahaha. The success of future volumes depends on the sales of the ones coming out soon (one this month).

    • Thank you! And definitely it is both a literal and ~*~metaphorical~*~ storm. Oooooh.

  3. Oh my! I was debating going to SPX but now I’ll def have to go! I just found this beautiful comic today and read it all in one sitting……… the pain of waiting for weekly updates. le sigh…..

    • Aw, I’m glad you’ll be going! SPX is such a great show and full of so many awesome artists and comickers. Even if I didn’t have a table, I would go. And thank you for reading TMK! <3

  4. I kinda want to do a recording of Aud’s lines. I’m not a voice actress, but I think she’s awesome and really would enjoy trying to give her a characterization.

    I don’t really have gear, but the biggest thing stopping me is my accent. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, so I have a very “standard” American accent, and I’m not sure that’s ideal for Aud. Since I’m not trained, I don’t want to imitate an accent. Ms. Schanze, your thoughts?

    • DO IT.

      Ahem. I wouldn’t worry about an accent. The way I see it, I’d rather an actor not use an accent than use a really bad, stereotypical one. I mean, I can never tell a fake accent from a real one unless it’s comically overplayed anyway, but still! I’d love to hear your interpretation of her! I’m glad people have taken to Aud so warmly, too. :D

  5. Arne… Remember how we used to make fun of his name back in kindergarden…
    Great now I feel guilty for my childhood dickery again…

    • How could you make fun of only the BEST NAME in the universe?

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