Chapter 11 | Page 23

HM that shipwreck looks familiar???

Thanks for reading! See you next week! <33

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  1. The Ship’s(forgot if it has an actual name) internal monologue:”I’m ok, it’s only a flesh wound. Just need some popsicle sticks, wood glue, and duct tape and I’ll be sea worthy again.

    • Hahaha! Awwwww, yeah he’ll be fine.

  2. I have been waiting for this moment. I’m so excited!! Also worried, but excited.

  3. ROLLO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Counting down the moments it’ll take for Coal to offend/scare/piss him off.

  5. 5 bucks says Loki pulls some sort of stunt to scare Arne; 5 more sayd Coal pretends to be dead and is in on Lokis trick.

  6. I’m imagining Loki and Coal impaled by stuff and totally not caring and the other two fainted.

    • Haha! Well, Loki might still care if he got impaled.

  7. Hi Loki.


    • It’s OK. Coal just taught Rollo to play dead.

    • HE’S OKAY!

  9. YAASSSSS! Rollo and Coal and Loki and Hedda and Ibrahim are back! (wild guestimates since Rollo and Loki are seen)

  10. *jumps in anticipation* Heeeeeeeere’s ROLLO!! Cannot wait for Thor’s Day Thursday!

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