Chapter 12 | Page 4

Hey it’s the rest of the gang. I’m sure this will go swimmingly.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Looks like Loki knew exactly what to say to intrigue/distract Arne from remembering him in front of everyone else.

    And I love how Coal is less in pain from a hard blow to the head than he is startled it happened. Hard headed little bugger. I guess he doesn’t remember when he does that weird hypno-Coal bit…

    • Loki has a sterling-silver tongue; of course he knows exactly what to say.

    • Yeah Coal is oblivious to that stuff! A good bonk can get him out of it though.

  2. Did everyone just go chibi in the third panel?

  3. Better swimmingly than drowningly, I say.

  4. My brain inserted a “BONK” sound when Loki stopped Coal. It was very amusing.

    • Haha, me too!
      And in my head it sounds just like driftwood when it bonks together!

    • Good sound effect.

  5. I’d been wondering where the others had been. It makes sense that they’d be tied to the mast since neither one can swim as far as I know. Loki of course can just turn into a duck or whatever if he needed to and Coal doesn’t need to breath, so neither of them needs to worry about drowning.

    • Getting washed off a ship into the ocean is pretty inconvenient even if you don’t actually need to breathe.

      • True, but Coal can swim and doesn’t appear to get tired or need to sleep. I guess that the main inconvenience would be getting back to the ship before the storm/Jormungandr takes it too far away.

    • Exactly! Ibrahim can’t swim anyway and Hedda probably can’t either, hahaha.

  6. Love that last panel Loki’s on the background like he’s not really sure he should leave it to Coal with a sword.
    Coal, remember when we talked about the way you handle things?? -_-‘

    • He’s debating if he should stop Coal…. but then realizing he’d leave Arne unprotected. Better the people who have already been exposed to Coal.

    • Haha! Yeah but they gotta get ’em down somehow.

  7. tiiiiiiny Arne :)

  8. Oh come on, Loki. Give Coal some trust. It’s not like the last two friends he made both almost drowned within a few minutes of meeting him.

    • Right? Coal is totally trustworthy with new people.

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