Chapter 12 | Page 5

Can you feel the love?

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  1. Coal, you ol smoothie, you.

  2. Can’t wait for the reactions.

  3. there is that smug smile again.

  4. Hedda looks so embarrassed.

  5. Aw! Coal’s going soft!
    I do wonder though, I don’t think he fancies Hedda (hey all his other appetites are gone…) so I am left wondering if this is him being gentlemanly, him feeling responsible for her as he saved her life or him just wanting to embarrass Ibrahim.

    Only time will tell you broody teenager you!

    Also, I really hope that Hedda’s fellow redheads give her a hand drying all that hair!

    • Chivalry is not dead!

      Checks calendar

      chivalry is already alive!

    • Haha! Coal isn’t a bad guy. Between the two, he’s gonna catch the girl! Even though, between the two of them, Hedda is probably hardier than Ibrahim, hahaha.

  6. Nyahahaha! Way to go, Coal.

    That was probably more about sticking it to Ibrahim than protecting Hedda, but it was still precious.

    • Man no one expects any good from Coal! Wonder why.

  7. Now now, Ibraham, you didn’t REALLY expect anything else did you?

    Also, I love Coal’s smug smile. Definitely his better side.

  8. Now Coal, don’t go letting the rich guy get broken. After this whole adventure, you still might want to bring some gold with you, back to Valhalla, and who wants to ransom broken rich people?

    • Good point! Should at least keep him intact.

  9. Smooth, Coal. Real smooth.

  10. I’m just impressed that he managed to catch Hedda without accidentally impaling her.

    • He just turned his hand. a little awkward, but doable. But really that smug smile is golden. Especially paired with Ibrahims’ glare.

    • There’s no way to respond to this without inadvertently making bad innuendo.

  11. YAY the gang’s all back!

    • Woo! Actually pretty excited about it, to have everyone together finally. No more introduction chapters!

  12. what a gentleman

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