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This page almost didn’t get done on time! Thanks Seasonal Depression!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Aww, is Coal actually pointing out that Ibrahim can’t drink mead, and needs water? Good boy! Nice to know you learned about other cultures while alive.

    Either that, or he’s just like “Can he have some water? Look at him. All of us have our hair back to normal, and he’s just wilting. Do princes dehydrate quicker?”

  2. Ahh, depression, it’s often crippling! If you ever have to take a break I’m sure your readers(including me!) will understand, health is more important than anything

    • It is! But sometimes working on the comic is a respite instead of a chore. Sometimes it’s the other way around, hahaha.

  3. Boo seasonal depression.

    Aw, look at Coal being considerate. He’s really a softy under the layers of grumpy berserker. :P

  4. Wasn’t Coal being raised to be a chieftain? So he should have a lot of knowledge. He is just a stupid teen at times

    • I still am so curious about that, because if he was to be a chieftain, why did he become a Berserker? Half the time, they weren’t even allowed in city limits, because of how dangerous they were.

      And with how somewhat derisive Loki sounded about Coal’s family, once (then again, he complains about anyone that is violent), I keep wondering if at least his extended family somehow has something to do with his death. And that seemed a very tiny funeral pyre for a kid that was shown with a nice highbacked chair… especially compared to his mother having a ship in her mound.

      Andand GAH, that picture of tiny Coal being carried by Loki with sewn on patches on his clothes, compared to his fancy purple tunic when climbing Rollo’s head, make me want to know his back story so badly. XD

      And none of this rant even starts on Arne and Hedda, either! Lol, I’m in love with this comic.

      • Depends on what definition of “berserker” you go by. Some researchers believe berserker was the title given to a chieftain’s champion…the guy who’d get sent out if there were any duels or single combat to be fought, and those would have had pretty high social status. Going by that theory, the tales of berserker rage were either just tales or maybe the shield-biting stuff was a performance similar to the Maori Haka, a ritualized challenge and threat.

        Obviously, Coal is a somewhat more literal berserker, but still, various sagas talk about berserkers being held in high regard and being given command of raiding parties or even full-sized armies (such as there were in the viking age) by their chieftains.

    • He was, but cultural sensitivity wasn’t exactly a popular line of thought at the time.

  5. *whispers* He cant have mead…..he’s a wimp

  6. Sending you loads of virtual chocolate and flowers and face-licky-puppies to make your winter blues and blahs go away! Thanks for sending us a wonderful comic even when coping with SAD. Take care.

    • Awwww, thank you! At least this year I have a For Real puppy I can cuddle. Until she gets tired of that and wriggles away.

      • Yay! A puppy! Congratulations!

  7. Ah, good old seasonal depression. Been there, done that for quite a few decades.

    • Yeah! This year has been especially weird, partly because of the weather, I guess.

  8. Sarah, Do whatever you need to do to minimize the effects of SAD. If that means taking a break do it. Your readers will be here.

    • Hahaha, the “waiting” bit kind of negated the support, but thanks!

  9. Ibraham: I’m staring at this drink with great intensity

  10. hmm, why does he say “ireland” instead of “√©ire” now?

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