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I still don’t condone underage drinking unless you live in the middle ages.

There will not be a page next week! Due to holiday stuff, etc. Updates should pick back up after that, though. I hope you all have a nice holiday!

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  1. Yeah, but look at the can. It’s just birch beer.

  2. Aww- sparks of actual friendship. Coal is actually pretty thoughtful when he wants to be.

  3. Is that a smile Ibrahim? Coal is definitely happy with himself. More beer!

    • Ibrahim is capable of smiling sometimes! Even in Coal’s presence.

  4. He’s technically dead…So there’s no liver to destroy anymore.

  5. The things some people will do for a beer… :p

  6. Ibrahim: Aww, He’s actually thoughtful… No wait. There’s the Coal I know.

    • Ibrahim may have been a little right to be just a smidge suspicious.

  7. Sarah, love how buff Coal appears in these last two images! Under his cloak it’s hard to tell, but in shirt sleeves, it’s obvious he’s a warrior.

    Also: sorry I’ve been gone! I missed reading this comic!

    • Yeah I have to remember he’s sorta buff myself! It can be tough. And no worries, I’m glad you’re back!

  8. It’s not underage if there’s no age restriction in their society!

  9. Loving Ibraham’s last panel smirk! I think he’s warming up to his captors. Stockholm Syndrome aside it must have been a relief to realize that they aren’t terribly violent people.

    I recall learning that, for most of European history, drinking alcoholic beverages was safer than drinking the water. They could make small beer, the third fermentation, which was very weak but still incorporated boiled water and enough alcohol to keep things from turning ugly. I always wondered if the Islamic world figured out the whole boiling thing sans alcohol and that’s why they were able to forbid it.

    On another note I gave a copy of Volume 1 to my 8yo niece and she LOVES it. She seems young yes, but she was through the Harry Potter series by age 7 so I didn’t think the idea of a dead Viking would bother her. You have a new fan!

    I hope you are kicking SAD’s bottom and have a lovely holiday break!

    • Oh man I’m so glad your niece likes it! I’m never sure what age group to say TMK is good for (mostly cuz I never know how sensitive the parents are), but I’m happy she enjoyed it. :D

      • My 5 year old daughter likes it, too. She got super into Thor and Loki from Marvel, so I felt I ought to introduce her to something a little more myth-centric. We had to discuss the introduction of Hedda a bit (I hadn’t realized quite how dark that was as an adult until sharing it with my kiddo) but she asks for us to reread the “Loki comic” together, which tickles me. :)

        • AwwwwwWWWW that’s so cute! “Loki comic”, well he does steal the show. And yeaaaah that chapter is definitely the one pushing the “PGish” envelope and makes me wary about saying it’s okay for kids, hahaha. I think older kids are okay, but parents can be really sensitive or really lax, so I never know.

          • That’s pretty much the best way to go, just let the individual adults decide, I mean it’s up here to read for goodness sakes!
            Some kids are very good with mature themes like death and myth/religion and slavery and some adults are really bad with them. So no worries on not being all “yay for kids!” As that’s pretty risky for any themes darker than Very Hungry Catapillars.
            As for an update on the 8yo niece she is delving into Norse myth now, so you have hooked another one! I’ve promised her the next book when it comes out!

  10. That smirk in the last panel says, “Yeah, sure. THAT’S why you did that. Sure.”

    • I dunno what yer talking about, Coal is nothing but forthright!

  11. Happy holidays, Sarah!

    • Thank you! Happy holidays to you too!!

  12. Coal.

    *insert Reddit face of disapproval here*

  13. Bromance!! The ship has sailed~ I mean, Coal could’ve been inconsiderate and taken Ibrahim’s beer and left the guy with nothing. Hugging this page because MY HEART.

  14. I bought your books for my daughter for xmas.. She loves them. And is now bugging me for the next one.

    Any thoughts on the next kickstarter? Hmmm, 9yo loves your grump. Better keep an eye on her. She draws him a lot. along with ponys.

    Merry Christmas Sarah. Thanks for the story.

    • I’m just imagining coal sitting on a pastel pony while wearing his grumpiest face.

      “No, I don’t want to be your friend. Yes, I’m sure. You know what, I think I’ll just walk.”

    • Aw, thank you! I’m glad your daughter enjoys them, and likes Coal (I’m assuming). I’m not sure about another Kickstarter, because that means taking another hiatus from the comic to get everything situated. Unless I posted the bonus comic online, that would give me some breathing room. Maybe later this year, but I dunno, haha. Thank you for reading!

  15. Not sure you can be accused of underaged drinking once you’re dead. Or even undead. What can it possibly hurt by that point?

    This is, of course, completely beside the point that drinking ages are mostly ridiculous and have much more to do with that continual hope possessed by the sand-for-brains that Prohibition has ever or will ever work than they do with looking out for anyone.

  16. Excuse me, I meant to ask this much earlier, but is Coal similar to/actually the boy Loki rescues in the Eddas? (I think it’s the Eddas. Basically he rescues a kid whom everyone else turned their backs on.

    • HmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmm, there aren’t too many stories where Loki rescues someone, is there?


    • I hope he is, omg.

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