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Sorry for the missed update last week! It is what it is.

In other news, the store sale will last ONE MORE WEEK before all the prices go back to normal. The US postal service is increasing shipping costs in a couple of weeks, too, which means I will also. International shipping is half-off until the sale is over! After that I’ll have to raise it to match whatever new ridiculous fare the post office will charge. :c Thank you so much to all the readers that have already bought stuff! <333

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  1. coal, you can’t just SAY things like that… -_- lol

  2. Wow, Coal. RUDE.

  3. ‘Coal, you cannot just ask someone where they’re from!’

  4. Just about as tactful as a sack of rocks

    • I guess those would not be very tactful.

  5. Not cool, man. Not cool. :|

    …but really, Coal, thank you for getting to the meat of the discussion.

    • I know many readers were thinking the same thing anyway, hahaha.

  6. Well Coal, you have had too much beer. Your tact has gone .

    • He had any to begin with?

    • I’m guessing he’s noticing that beer isn’t affecting him anymore so he’s grouchy again.

    • If only he could blame the beer.

  7. Oh good, Coal’s back to normal, I was beginning to worry about him for a minute there!

    I also love Aud’s face. A cross among surprised/worried/pissed. It’s a look many a-mother will give a teenager!

  8. Well, when a man and a woman love each other very, very much …

  9. Coal gets bonus rudeness points for not only what he says and how he says it but the fact he interrupts someone mid sentence to do so. It is kind of amazing actually.

    • He’s dead! What’s the worse they can do to him?

  10. Coal’s a jerk, but he’s only one if he doesn’t see a point in not being one, like when he took the knife from Ibrahim. He’s not stupid, so why would he interrupt his host, whose help he needs if he’s going to be leaving Greenland anytime soon, over something seemingly unimportant?

    • That’s what I was wondering, too. How does knowing where Arne is from help Coal in any way? He just needs to barter for the nice torc, then be on his way, which he could in theory have Loki do, as he has the diplomatic skills of a rock, for all that he seems to be from a wealthy family.

      Normally Coal is blunt because it serves his needs. This seems out of nowhere to me. Is he just bored/curious?

      • It could also be bad writing on my part! :D Very likely, yep yep.

    • He’s just flat-out impatient. As am I! A page a week updates are tough.

  11. tsch! Coal, that is not how we change the subject…. it’s done like this….

    “Speaking of being off course, and ending up in unex;pected places…. Where did arne come from…”

    see still arrogant and pushy without being rude…

    • Too bad he can’t do subtlety very well.

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