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Helluland is likely modern day Baffin Island.

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  1. You have every right to be proud of your heritage, Arne!

    • Yeah! Though that’s about the limit of what he knows, haha.

  2. Ahh, Inuit… cool!

    • Not Inuit, but close! I don’t know if it’ll be said in the comic itself, but Arne is from the Dorset culture.

  3. Mostly a historical correctness problem I have, but shouldn’t Dublin have been called Dyflinn due to how the Norse vikings would have pronounced it. Like what happened with York (Jorvik) and other such places that were conquered by the vikings.

    • Yeah! But I tend to use modern place-names for the sake of comprehension (I used “France” earlier too). An exception here might be “Eire” instead of Ireland, but it’s so close to the modern name that I don’t think many people get confused about it.

      • You mentioned France? I don’t think I noticed that. But yeah, that one is arguably much worse due to how the culture was at the time. The actual first king of France was Charles the Bald (ironically (or maybe fittingly?) since the greatest Frankish ruler was Karl the Great) was only in 11th-century. But I’m rambling, point is it’s actually way worse and I failed my Perception+Alertness check.

    • The Irish of the time would have pronounced it pretty similarly, the b is actually the English mapmakers misinterpreting the Irish name. In Irish the first letters of words change systematically in different grammatical situations, we call this séimhiú (Softening/Lenition) the ancient Irish considered these systematic shifts to be sounds of the same letter. A b may be pronounced as a b a w or a v depending on the context. In old Irish this wasn’t indicated in any way, you just had to know. This is why Irish words still have lots of consonant + h clusters in them, because nowadays we use an h to indicate such a shift. If Dublin were still the Irish language name of the city (it isn’t) it would now be spelled “Dubhlinn” “Black Pool”. This would be pronounced Duv-lin.

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