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Sad times in Helluland.

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  1. So Aud was married and widowed in a single year –with time left over — and adopted a child. I like her more and more.

    I also like the black-and-white flashback technique you are using.

    • Thanks! And yeah Aud had a heck of a sweet sixteen, hah.

  2. So Arne is part of the Dorset culture? If so, that would make sense as to why they didn’t “find the rest of the Skraelings”, as the start of warming temperatures as the Mini Ice Age neared it’s end caused large migration, and their eventual extinction…

    Poor Arne, though. I can see why he’s treated so oddly, not only for being a Skraeling, but also for the mystery around getting him. I wonder if they ever managed to get back to Baffin Island, and if anyone was there, again?

    Now to see why he’s called a son of Odin, if Thorfinn adopted him as his own.

    • If my (albeit limited) kmowledge of norse mythology doesn’t fail me, I believe the two birds/ravens(?) may be Odins two pets Huginn and Muninn (or something similar shush it’s almost 4 AM) who flew across the world and told Odin of everything that happened in Midgard. Yup, even Odin had snitches.

      This *theory* if you can call it that, would make sense I guess. Having the power of knowing what was going on (even in the fairly small country of Iceland) would be convenient for trade and executing commands and whatnot.Also would give people more of a reason to dislike him because he knows everyones secrets and his Ma is the matriarch.

      He is a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. He just happened to become the son of a powerful Icelandic dude and then end up as a prince. What can ya do.

      • me again apologies for the rant i meant it as a follow-up for your final statement (Odins Son) and how it could make sense eith what i explain in the first part. sorry its late and i have insomnia bye

        • No problem!

          And yeah, I noticed the Ravens too. It’s one of the things I was curious about back when Coal first saw the torq, actually. Odin made it seem a piece of Gungnir (the spear) was missing, but compared to the first two items, which have been broken into something that “makes sense” as to what they are: Mjollnir became a smaller form of itself/a sign of protection, and Frejr’s blade became a knife, I’m curious as to why a spear would become a torq.

          I’m probably totally looking too deep into this but… Gungnir is a magic spear that always returns to hand, and can kill nine Vanir in one blow. It seems more likely it might become something to do with battle, rather than a torq. Odin also has a magic armband, Draupnir, that creates nine more rings each day, and it signifies a jarl-oath. That seems more likely, but far less damaging to him to lose.

          As for Huginn and Muninn though, I remember reading somewhere that yeah, he sent them out to spy each morning, but feared they would not return. Huginn is Thought, and Muninn, Memory. He feared losing them, but feared losing Muninn more. What if the torq actually IS a part of Muninn, somehow? It might explain why of all the kids, Arne was the farthest away from the rest. Maybe Loki figured even the Ravens wouldn’t find him on Baffin Island?

          I’m too much of a conspiracy theorist, lol.

      • He’s training to be a lawyer. While I don’t believe that this makes him automatically evil, it also requires a knowledge of the world – as well as a natural cynicism – that disqualifies him from cinnamon roll status.

        • does ‘sinnamon roll’ fit him better, then?

    • Yeah Arne’s had a rough go of it! And he still kind of remembers some things.

  3. Annnnd, just went back to the really early comics, just to be sure that the guys behind the man giving over Arne weren’t Odin and Thor, cause they kinda looked like them? But Odin’s missing eye would have faced us… darn. And it seems excessive of him to hide his missing eye, lol.

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