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Wonder where it came from??

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  1. Loki’s like “I was totally a hawk. I don’t do eagles. I have a phobia of them and sticks.”

    • In my opinion, best story of the myths.

      Or maybe I’m just nostalgic for my fourth grade play.

    • I’m surprised he doesn’t have a phobia of serpents and overflowing bowls.

    • He likely has a lot of phobias.

  2. Loki, what did you do?

  3. Haha, Coal, my goodness. You look so suspicious of Loki! I wonder why~. :p

    • Yeah, it’s like Loki has something to hide!

  4. “LOKIII~!” *canned laughter in the background*

    Poor skraeling child… *throws blanket around his shoulders and brings him tea*
    No one shall hurt you any more.

    • Awwwww, I’m sure Arne appreciates that. :3

  5. ohhh some serious side-eye there boys.

  6. Oh I wonder what possible shapechanger that possibly could have been…

  7. Is it safer to be a son of Odin than it is to be a son of Lori? I wonder… Is he actually the son of Odin or did Lori just play a trick? I also assume Ingolf had nothing to do with Thorfinn’s death. Like you said, this isn’t Game of Thrones. Accidents happen on long voyages.

    • I think the author mentioned somewhere (in the comments) that Ingolf is younger than Aud. If I’m remembering right that would put him at 13-15, very young indeed. Coal is 15 I think but these societies seem very different so while I can see Coal killing a shipmate (he tried it in Loki!) I could never see Ingolf doing it.

      • (Actually Ingolf is like 25 so he would have been 19 when he went to Helluland. But he’s nice!)

    • Not even accidents! Sometimes just a cold can spiral into a life-or-death thing. It was tough back then.

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