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The most Interesting Story in the World.

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  1. Coal, you could at least pretend to care! Shame on you.

    • He could! Maybe.

    • It’s not that he don’t care, but he simply has just so much to “talk” to Loki right now that he pretty much can’t look away from his “target”.

  2. I think he’s too busy eying Mr. “Wasn’t Me,” Jakalor.

    I don’t know that I blame him. I mean, Coal probably thought the Southling becoming part of their group was as weird as things were going to get, and now this…

    • Now they’ve got a Westerner in their midst! When will the madness end??

      • ‘Hopefully not with a Finn,’ I imagine Coal would say.

        (As I understand it, the old Norse thought the Finns were sorcerers who practiced black arts that could, among other things, control the weather. I wish I could recall the exact name the Norse used.)

          (sorry force of habit: Finland is so rarely mentioned anywhere that I must do this every time I see anything connected to my nationality mentioned.)

  3. It really is an interesting story. :)

    …you seem to be focused on something else, though, Coal. :p

  4. Coal is side-eyeing so hard you know who he’s looking at off the page.

    • Loki is looking the other way, to be sure.

  5. Okay, so if they are eagle heads, then that makes sense to symbolize Gungnir. Eagles were Odin’s sacred war birds. Darn, I was proud of my “Loki stole a part of Muninn” theory. XD

    • Haha! Sorry! Though that’s a neat idea too.

  6. I was just rereading from the start. Coal seems to have grown up a bit. Will he age a bit? Even though he is dead?

    Or is it his personality that is growing up?

    • Aw, haha. He’s definitely not aging, but it’s likely the way I draw him has shifted a bit. However maybe meeting all these people is affecting his personality too. Who can say??? (well i can but i’m not going to :D)

      • Yeah, he definitely seems… buffer than when you started out. Most noticeable in his neck and shoulders. But I’m no stranger to webcomic art evolution :P

  7. I hoped Thor Finn wasn’t murdered…

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