Chapter 12 | Page 15

A potentially hefty price.

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  1. Sounds fishy…

    • Well fishing is a primary industry for them. :D

  2. Hmnm what would be the most likely price? Money, they probably don’t have much.
    A person? Sell Ibrahim or Hedda into slavery.
    A task? As they get hero’s to do in stories?
    Hmmm very interesting…..

  3. Will Coal or Loki be asked to be a potential champion for the case where Harold came to Arne’s mom for protection? Or possibly be an additional impartial party for the trial?

    Will Hedda be asked to be a bride for Arne when he’s of age?

  4. I dunno what Aud will ask, but in her position I’d ask Ibraham teach someone (probably Arne) how to read and write Arabic. Seems like the most valuable commodity to a law abiding society considering how rare wood and literacy are!

    • That’s a good idea! Though learning Arabic wouldn’t do them much good all the way up there, haha.

  5. I’m super curious about that look between Arne and Loki…

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