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Watch out Coal, your Care is showing.

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  1. Oh Ibrahim, what have the heathens gotten you into?

    Also: Lost in translation or Fear of manual labour? Place your bets, people!

    • Definitely the idea of prospective labor.

      • Can’t wait to see him attempt some honest work. I say attempt, as he will probably fail hilariously.

  2. If Coal could blush he would be soooo red right now. I think Ibrahim has never done manual labor ever.

    • I’m paying to see that…

    • The hardest labor Ibrahim has ever done is likely hauling books around.

      • I’ve worked on a farm. I’m also a writer and a teacher. Let me tell you: all three are honest, hard labor: physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting! :)

        I am not saying this to be snarky — I suspect most of us here are involved in artistic work, and get comments Ibrahim himself must hear often: “When are you going to do some *real* work?” (And I also agree it will be funny to see him on the farm, because there are so many ways to dork up on a farm. So many.) I want to throw this observation out as solidarity with others here who love hauling books around. <3

  3. Coal: Welp.
    Loki: Seems legit.
    Ibrahim: What have we done?

    • Get ready Ibrahim! :D It’ll be fun!

  4. Helping around the farm eh? $10 days Hedda gets a proposal by the end of this endeavor.

    • Wow people really want Hedda to get a proposal.

      • Haha! I actually don’t want her too! She’s just been freed from slavery, she should enjoy her freedom not just marry!
        That said, judging by her last “job” she’s got the farming skills. Eligible gents aren’t going to ignore a lovely lady who knows how to farm! And my guess is that Coal and Ibraham aren’t really going to endear themselves to the ladies of this group!

        What I am really looking forward to is her getting a new dress. I really am shallow these days!

      • I think we’d like her to see herself as valued and admired. A proposal is one way that could happen. I love romance, but agree with CJG — I want her to enjoy her freedom.

        I’d be thrilled to see Aud take Hedda under her wing. I think it would do Hedda good to have a smart, confident, kind woman as a mentor and a friend.

        • In a way, if Hedda found a place with Aud, I’d feel she’d be safest, too. I still wonder why no one has mentioned that if she was taken from Ireland at a very young age, then she’d likely have no one to go back to… what if she just gets enslaved again? It’s not like we know if any of her family exists to ransom her.

          To be honest, I just want her to go back with Ibrahim, become a scribe, and get rich from translating Latin texts for Istanbul’s library.

          • Yes … Hedda deserves to have enough wealth and power to not have to worry about being enslaved – or taken advantage of. And that’s not only because of what she’s been through already, but because she is a genuinely kind and compassionate person.

            But she seems so vulnerable and trusting. I love that about Hedda, but I don’t want to see it be a liability.

  5. Oh, poor Ibrahim. Maybe he can help with the accounts?

    • He would have a pretty good mind for numbers, actually! That lil genius.

  6. Out of Loki’s suggestion the word ‘farm’ has Ibrahim worried the most. Oh man, is he going to get the toughest/messiest/worst assignment?

    • “Say those sheep pens look pretty poop-filled…”

  7. I thought you were supposed to name ships? (Had a car in the 80s named “Sleaze-O”)

    • Haha, true! Though “Rollo” is probably a strange name for a ship. Like naming one “Howard.”

  8. My other care is a Rollo-Royce.

    Sorry, it was either that or a comment about how I didn’t think Coal would be the sort of fan to have to strong opinions on ship names.

    • I think young Coal is a lot more attached to that ship than you might guess. Plus the contents were his mums.

      Love teen boys, they can be so adorkable

      Hedda is probably thinking I just got away from a farm.. sigh…..

    • GoddddddDDDDDDDDDDdddfdsjkvkmdlfva

  9. I just want to see Coal all up in Loki’s face later.
    Coal: it was your son that broke Rollo, and now we’re all doing manual labor to pay for his repair. You not only owe me money, but any of my direct living family for stealing it in the first place, AND I have the right the make Jormy a thrall until that’s paid off!
    Loki: Jormy got us where we needed to go, and now we have time to get Arne to willingly part with his piece of Gungnir.
    Coal: We could have just kidnapped him.
    Loki: You can’t kidnap everyone, Coal.
    Coal: Says the guy that tried turning me into a walnut at the start of this.

  10. I’ve just caught up with Thistel from last reading it in 2013?! but WOW. I still love it, and it was so lovely re-reading. Your expressions are incredible, and I’m so excited to see where these characters go! So much love for Coal-angst <3

    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your re-read!

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