Chapter 12 | Page 17

When even Loki is surprised, that’s probably a bad sign.

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  1. OH my! Arne is soo happy and Coal is……. not impressed. Postions have been flipped young man. No longer do you give the orders but must OBEY! A much younger boy.

    THe Horrors!!!

    quietly laughing and sniggering in the corner over here. teehee heee

  2. All things considered, the afterlife just looks like one indignity after the other for poor Coal…

    • Or pre-afterlife, since he still hasn’t even gotten to Valhalla. So many hoops!

  3. poor Cole! but apparently he’s got some star-power in Arne’s eyes — this should be fun :)

    • I think she, Aud, can tell that Coal is a warrior. He is well built for a 15yo. Arne is thrilled. Whether it is because he will be telling Coal what to do or that Coal will be compelled to be his friend, only Sarah knows.

    • Arne is so excitedddd! But he’s easily excited sometimes.

  4. I think she’s trying to put the annoying outsider in his place just a little bit and get Arne a friend at the same time, but… my goodness, nothing could possibly go wrong here. D:

  5. Oh no! (One of) Coal’s worst nightmares! Being ordered around!

  6. It looks like everyone but Arne (and *maybe* the mom) realizes the horrible potential of this.

  7. I love Arne’s sparkly UnBridled Power Stars!

    • I bet he couldn’t go a day keeping his stars bridled.

    • They’re always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  8. And Coal was finally being nice.

  9. I see lots and lots of Abuse of Power in Arne’s future.

  10. Those faces though….

  11. Arne’s twinkly expression~ That can’t mean good things for Coal, nope.
    Seriously, this kid get’s more precious with each page, why.

  12. I wonder if this means we might get an excuse for a Coal flashback soon? I still remember the pic of him in the high backed chair, with a guy as a counselor type thing. I want to know how Coal is going to take to being given orders by Arne, and if they once held similar rank?

    • Oh yeah I remember that drawing! That was fun, though old, and the story is still evolving a bit. But that’s not totally irrelevent either. :3

  13. I bet Loki is against it, but then realises how much this would annoy Coal and thinks it would be a great idea.

    • He looks like he’s just signed Arne’s death warrant. “Can you literally pick anyone else to guard the kid, and take orders from him, other than a crazed, super powered berserker ghost??? I had to turn into an eagle and everything to save this kid. God’s dang it. ME dang it!”

    • He would definitely love that aspect of it.

  14. The only thing more endearing, to me, than Arne’s wide-eyed fan boy sparkle moment, is the expression of adoring love on Aud’s face when she looks at him. Aud is a tough lady, and I suspect she could be quite hard if she had to to survive and to protect her home and her son … but the look of softness on her face when she smiles at Arne melts me. It’s so clear she loves him.

    • Awwwwwwwwww, yeah she does really love him. Weak spot, right there.

  15. I need to caption those faces.

    • They’re likely all variances of “Nope”.

  16. Possible spoiler …


    Aud is a shrewd judge of character. My guess is she sees that Coal does not take orders well, and guesses that even the code of politeness and hospitality will not be enough to get him to overcome his pride and “obey” a smarty-pants kid.

    Arne is sweet, but also full of himself, and we’ve seen Aud’s response to that: without judging him, she sees her son needs to learn to do better, if he is going to succeed as a leader. I suspect this is not a get for Coal, but a test for *Arne*. He must learn to inspire loyalty, among other things.

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