Chapter 12 | Page 21

Time for a chat.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! DON’T FORGET EMERALD CITY COMIC CON NEXT WEEK, TABLE CC-8!!

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  1. Oh, Arne looks so frail and tiny in that last panel. BEBE.
    Loki, give him Freja’s cloak or something!

    • It’s pretty mild temperatures, at least! But he’s a little thing.

  2. This is fun to read ^_^ Just promise me that if there is ever a sauna scene they are naked like true Scandinavians! None of that towel bs.

    • Well thank you! There’s no sauna scenes in the works but if there was there would still be towels, haha.

      • Boo… It aint right! Nobody uses towels in Scandinavia(yes I take this very seriously)! You could use steam to cover any private parts.

  3. Maybe the black sand beach has been mentioned before and I didn’t notice, but–

    I love it when an artist does her homework.

    • Ah thank you! Yeah when I looked at photos of Iceland and saw the black sand beaches, I definitely wanted to incorporate them! I saw them when I lived in Hawaii too, and they were really cool.

  4. I hope it is okay if I post this here… I think you, Sarah, and your readers might be interested about this Viking exhibit that will be the largest ever in North America:

    I don’t live in NYC, but I visit there and hope to fit this into one of my trips. It looks cool!

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