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It’s Papa Loki time.

A huge thanks to everyone who came to see me at ECCC last week! I was glad to meet some readers there. <3 Thanks for reading! Next week's page might be delayed but we'll see. This chapter is almost over, ah!

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  1. Naah I’d say Loki was just the wingman in this story

  2. Loki is actually really good with kids, isn’t he?

    • We he does have kids and he seems to be good with them.

    • He’s pretty good now, haha.

  3. I just noticed there doesn’t seem to be navigation. “Previous Page” “First Page” that sort of thing.

    • Well there are those arrows underneath the page. They’re not words though, no, but they are navigation.

  4. Aw. Arne looks so nervous … and kind of yearning. But be glad he is not your father, kiddo. Loki’s children do not have kind fates. Oh, dear, no. :(

    • Eisa and Einmyria seem to do okay, inasmuch as they are mentioned once and then completely forgotten.

    • It’s not that bad. Sleipnir is Odin’s mount. Fenrir got to eat Tyr’s hand – admittedly the trade-off was getting chained up until Ragnarok. But then, during Ragnarok he gets to kill Odin. Admittedly, Odin’s son Vidar then kills the wolf, but at least he did something with his life.

      And then there’s Jörmundgandr, the World Serpent. A sea serpent large enough to circle Midgard (hence the other name: Midgardsormen – or the Midgard Serpent in English) and bite his tail (also an example of an Ouroboros). Supposedly the world will end if he ever lets go. Which he does, again during Ragnarok, where he gets to poison the sky as well as poison and kill Thor (admittedly not before dying himself.)

      And last, but not least there’s Hel. Goddess of Death. Ruler of the realm Hel. Responsible for all the dead who do not go to Valhalla (warriors who died in battle) or Folkvangr (those chosen by Freya – usually warriors as well). That’s a pretty big deal. Of course, everyone fears going to her rather than Valhalla. Because being taken to Valhalla by one of the Valkyries is a great honour. It means you died valiantly. Going to Hel, not so much.

      Hmm… Looking at it you might be right. All Loki’s children, with the exception of Sleipnir, have fairly dark fates. Of course, Loki isn’t Sleipnir’s father. He is his mother. So maybe that’s why the horse gets a pass :p

      • And then there are Narfi and Nari. Horrible.

      • Don’t forget those drowned at sea. Dredged up in Ran’s nets, they either become guests in Aegir’s hall, or thralls.

        Also poor Fenrir gets a sword shoved into his mouth that causes him to drool bloody foam that creates one of the rivers of the world. And poor Jormy gets jerks trying to fish for him!

        • Fair enough, I did forget that. But Rán doesn’t really come up that much, does she? Other than lending Loki one of her nets, she’s mostly mentioned as a part of a phrase/kenning that refers to the sea, no? There’s also the fact that Ægir is a Jotun and not one of the peoples considered “gods”. (Yes, I know Loki is also Jotun – according to some. He is either Aesir, Jotun or both. Being blood-brother to Odin, however, cements his relation to the Aesir – even if his heritage does not. Well, up until he gets Balder killed, that is… The Aesir really are *not* nice people if you get on their bad side.)

          • But by that logic, Hel wouldn’t be a goddess either, as her parents are both jotnar. And Freja is one of the Vanir, not an Asa. And beyond that, specifically oath breakers, adulterous folk and murderers get sent to Nastrond, in Hvelgimir. There Nidhoggr, a dragon big enough to gnaw at a root of Yggdrasil, drinks their blood… because why not have a titanic vampire dragon? So yeah, there’s plenty of choices in your afterlife. Hel, though cold, is actually one of the better ones in its own way, because Hela is described as judging the dead fairly, and treating them well.

    • Arne’s just looking for Something Out There! *cue “I Want” song*

  5. He could still be your mother, Arne.

    I have to admit I didn’t expect that question. I was thinking more like “Why’d you tell me to lie to my mom?”

    Loki, you look a little twitchy in that last panel. What are you hiding from my new baby? *snuggles Arne*

    • Ha ha ha … that is true, Loki could be Arne’s mom!

      And also … I’d forgotten about Eisa and Eimyria.

    • HA he could be Arne’s mother. That would be interesting.

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