Chapter 12 | Page 24

What’s that “hmph” about Coal? JEALOUS?

Thanks for reading! See you next week! Cover page, woohoo!

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  1. That gradient in the background of the panels is gorgeous! Amazing as always. :D
    I probably should have saved this as a surprise for tomorrow, so I could call it my birthday gift, but I AM NOT A PATIENT WOMAN. NOPE.

  2. Oh no not another hanger-on! Coal is even more suspicious. I think it is a good thing he didn’t make it to adulthood. He would have been known as the Grumpy Jarl. There is no pleasing him.

    In my mind his birth name is Leif. Leif Torvaldson. Only because of his green green eyes.

    • Aww Leif is a good name. His real name is Inaccurate but oh well.

  3. Coal: “Loki… what are you up to now?”

  4. Loki, all humans are young compared to you.

    • This is true. Though actually Loki is like 40-ish which is pushing Old Age in Viking times, hahaha.

  5. They are all young. But Coal sees himself an adult, a warrior. Albet a dead one.

    • It’s bugging me that I missed my i while typing quickly and I can’t edit my comment.

      Moral of the story : slow down.

    • The deadest, worst adult.

  6. This is how I feel every year when it comes to interns. “Ok guys we’re gonna learn how to use these horrid noxious chemicals properly now” ::looks at group:: “My god, I’m handing poisons over to BABIES”!!!!

  7. Coal: Oh no, not again…

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