Chapter 13 | Brothers

Field trip!

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  1. Well, this looks to be an interesting chapter…

  2. Whoa. That is intense. And beautiful.

  3. O.O *worried*

    Okay, it looks like the bottom reflection is bordered by Loki Magic swirls of some kind. Maybe it reflects the kids when they were younger somehow??? Is Arne even alive? 0.0
    Because it has Coal with his old eyes, before he drank Odin’s mead.

    Maybe they become blood brothers, and the skullface shows how Arne is bound to a dead man? Arne is related to Hela? My theories are all over the place. Help me, guys.

    I hope we learn a bit more about why Coal hates Odin in this chapter, since Arne is called Odin’s son. Unless Coal was called that too for some reason?

    • Although the reflection of Arne has different hair… maybe Coal had a younger brother that died, and Arne reminds him of the kid???

      • That one seems the most likely. It’s interesting that earlier in the story that Coal insisted to Loki that he wasn’t a prince. Maybe he had a younger brother that was his father’s heir instead of him. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it.

        Either way, the younger brother idea seems the most likely theory. I doubt when Loki can save the dead and bring them back to the land of the living.

    • :3333

  4. Well. That’s… unnerving…

  5. Wait a second. Does this mean Arne is dead, too? Is that why Thorfinn and the others only found him and no one else?? Loki is a necromancer???

    • Well, if your daughter is Death, maybe you get perks? Or can just be like *yoink!* my adorable child now!
      I can’t see Hela liking either of those options, really…

    • Ooooh interesting.

    • I’ve got a pet theory going that, especially with this page and the two previous, Loki knows all these kids are dead or close to death, and it’s all because of some connection to him. Coal was killed and tasked to go get the pieces of weapons with Loki. Loki seems to know a LOT about Coal’s family. And then, think back to Hedda and Ibrahim joining the party. Those…shouldn’t be survivable. Falling from a clifff, getting LAUNCHED THAT FAR AND HITTING WATER… Arne’s own backstory as told by others mentions he’s the only one left out of everyone he knew, via mysterious circumstances. And Arne remembers Loki.

      Of course, this could just be comic tension, but…there’s a possibility. ;D

  6. Hype. Pure hype!

  7. This chapter cover is amazing. And totally ominous. I love it.

    Also: missed you! I’m sorry I’ve been an AWOL reader, but I’m glad to be caught up again! :)

    • Ah, I thought someone was missing, haha! Glad to have you back, and thank you! :D

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